Movies And Web Series to Look Forward on OTT in May 2024


May is lined up with movies and web series that we have been waiting for for a long time. Last month, movies like Siren, Farrey, and even Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, and Amar Singh Chamkila made their way to our living rooms- so many newly released movies are once again getting an OTT release- and if you missed going to theatres- they have come to you! Bridgerton fans also have a piece of good news to hear! So, on that note, let’s scroll down and have a look at all the movies and web series to look forward on OTT in May. Note the dates and create notification alerts to watch them on the first day of release.

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1. Heeramandi | 01 May 2024 | Netflix

Heeremandi is one of the most awaited shows directed by ace Indian filmmaker- Sanjay Leela Bhansali. While Imtiaz Ali’s OTT debut movie- Amar Singh Chamkila became a memorable one- it is time for our director with grand sets and heart-touching tales to make his grand debut on OTT as well! The show having an ensemble star cast is set in a pre-independent India and tells the story of courtesans who lived in one of the most wealthy courtesan houses- Heeramandi.

2. Hacks Season 3 | 02 May 2024 | Jio Cinema

A drama series about a woman stand-up comedian who is struggling with her career and teams up with a young writer to create more funny scripts and revive her dwindling career- well, the story worked like magic and people loved it! So, finally, this comedian-writer duo is back with another hilarious season and stories to tell the world. An 8.2 IMDb-rated film- a must-watch it is!

3. Manjummel Boys | 02 May 2024 | Netflix

A survival thriller about a group of friends who go on an adventurous road trip from Kochi to Kodaikanal. But, what started as a fun trip soon became a survival condition. Based on a real-life story- this movie has gained critical as well as viewer accolades and also 8.6 IMDb rating- there is no reason you would to miss streaming this thriller movie that will leave you speechless by the end of it! Watch it on Netflix from 2nd May onwards.

4. T. P Bon | 02 May 2024 | Netflix

An anime adventure comedy series about a young and ordinary high school student who meets with some cool time-traveling agents and becomes a part of the team! The team of agents is tasked with saving various people who died during major historical events in different regions, continents, eras, times, and dates around the globe. If you love adventure- get on the bandwagon with Bon and his team of friendly agents and let’s save people from the past!

5. The Idea of You | 02 May 2024 | Amazon Prime Video

A rom-com film about a 40-year-old single mom, who crosses paths with a 24-year-old boy band singer- and falls in love with him! This crazy love story isn’t as easy as it sounds- it gets more chaotic and funny as it goes on. So, watch the movie on Amazon Prime and tell us did they had a happy ending or not. We will wait for your reviews!


6. Shaitaan | 03 May 2024 | Netflix

It is a supernatural horror flick that starts Ajay Devgn and R. Madhavan- each representing good and evil spirits respectively. While the story starts with a simple trick of hypnotizing- he uses it on a teenage girl who lives with her family. However, things turn ugly when he starts commanding her risky and life-threatening things, and the family has to just watch everything happening. A movie that will increase your heartbeat with every new scene!

7. Tattooist of Auschwitz | 03 May 2024 | Jio Cinema

Based on the novel by Heather Morris, this holocaust film is about a Slovakian Jew named Lale Sokolov- the man who is tasked with applying ID number tattoos on every prisoner who is sent to the concentration camps. His friendships, heartbreaking events, and so many things that he saw and experienced- are shown in the film.

8. The Atypical Family | 04 May 2024 | Netflix

This Korean drama series is coming on Netflix on 4th May. This fantasy drama series is about a man who has the supernatural power of resisting his past- however, he can only exercise his power when he is happy. The modern-day stress and depression make him lose his power just like all his other family members. But, ever since the entry of Do Da He- a young woman, in his household, he starts getting his power back.

9. Monsters at Work Season 2 | 05 May 2024 | Disney+ Hotstar

An animated adventure comedy series that is loved by most of you! Now, its second season is coming up and Mechanic Tylor Tuskmon might have some new members. or want to increase his rank in Monsters Inc. again? Whatever the reason- we are ready to watch the cute and admirable people who work at Monsters Inc. and their funny antiques that take us away into a world that is very different from ours. So, ready to watch this adorable animated series that is also rated 7 on IMDb?

10. Bridgerton Season 3 | 16 May 2024 | Netflix

Bridgerton- a romance drama which is set in a historic fairytale world- no kidding! This show is about an influential family- Bridgerton that consists of 8 siblings- each of whom is looking for a suitable love prospect in their lives. Well, the third season will continue the story and bring new love stories to you. The third season consists of 8 episodes which will be released in two parts- the first four parts will be released on 16th May and the rest of them will be released on 13 June 2024.

Watching shows and series on OTT platforms is your favorite pastime thing? Then set a notification for it because you might not want to miss any one of them.

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