7 Big Hollywood Movies Releasing In May 2024 You Must Not Miss


Hollywood movies are incomplete without breathtaking cinematography, stunt choreography, and VFX that would exceed your expectations. Not to forget- cute animated movies that have stories even better than most other Hollywood films. So, if you want the Apes, a bit of parody, and lots of romance, and drama- to fill up those boring moments when we don’t feel like doing anything. Go to your nearest theatres and watch these most awaited Hollywood movies releasing in May

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1. The Fall Guy | 03 May 

An action comedy-drama film about a struggling stuntman whose girlfriend is a rising actress- but her movie’s star goes missing and now this boyfriend is on a mission to find out the missing star. The chase, the errors, and Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s comic timing- this could be one hilarious movie. So, mark your calendars and go watch this fun flick.

2. Mother of the Bride | 9 May 2024 | Netflix

A light-hearted rom-com film about a young couple finally deciding to tie the knot. They invite their parents to their beautiful beach wedding. However, the story shifts toward the bride’s mother when she discovers that the groom’s father is none other than her ex with whom she parted ways a long time ago. This wedding gives them a chance to reconnect with each other for old times’ sake and maybe find out the reason why he broke her heart at that time.

3. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes | 10 May 2024

An action sci-fi movie in which a young ape is now ready to take on the world after many years of reign by Ceasar. He is on the search for answers to his several questions about the past history of the apes- redefining his choices and the things that he was taught- to build a new world where apes and humans can live alike. Looks like a new leader is born in the ape kingdom- who wants to stop the tyrannical rules and provide a just world for everyone to live on this planet.

4. Not Another Church Movie | 10 May 2024


An American parody movie about Taylor Pherry, who is sent on a mission by God to tell his family about the stories of the past and inspire his family and the whole community. However, what he is not aware of- is the plans of the devil, who is on another mission and might ruin Taylor’s plans. So, who’s gonna win this tug-of-war? Watch the film and tell us!

5. Back to Black | 17 May 2024 

A biographical musical drama film that many Amy Winehouse fans have been waiting for. The movie is about Amy Winehouse’s rocky relationship with Black Fielder-Civil and how this relationship inspired her to write and record her groundbreaking album that also proved a milestone in her singing career- Back to Black. Marisa Abela played the role of Amy Winehouse and were hoping that this movie would shed light on some unknown parts of our favorite singer’s life.

6. Thelma The Unicorn | 17 May 2024 | Netflix

An animated musical comedy adventure film about an ambitious pony who dreams of becoming a big singing star. Her wish comes true when she transforms into a glittering pink unicorn and instantly gets worldwide fame. However, her glamorous singing career comes at a huge cost and she slowly starts to learn the downside of fame- what will she do now? That’s what I am curious about too- so going to watch the movie as soon as it releases!

7. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

A fast-paced action-adventure movie starring Chris Hemsworth, Quaden Bayles, Tom Hardy, and Anya-Taylor Joy in prominent roles- the movie is about Furiosa, who is snatched from the hands of the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a bike-led dementus group. They carry her along through the Wasteland and reach Citadel- a place where Immortan Joe resides. The two tyrant groups are now having a face-off and Furiosa is stuck in the middle of the war. She has to find a way to get out of this battlefield and reach back to her home- that too before it’s too late!

These are some really great Hollywood movies releasing in May you shouldn’t miss.

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