10 TV Shows Releasing In May 2024 That Are A Must Watch


TV shows are rising so high at the Global level that sometimes we wish that we could watch some of them in the theatres! And, well, just like the hot and sultry summers- the shows are also sizzling hot! There are adventures, thrills, and some strange doctors! ( just a bit of a hint), that are back to entertain us while we are all stuck inside due to rising temperatures. So, make a mango shake, get some popcorn, and be ready to watch some of the most awesome TV shows releasing in May.

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1. Blood Of Zeus Season 2 | 09 May | Netflix

An action-adventure anime series that started in 2020 and became widely popular. The show has a simple story- a man in ancient Greece, named- Heron, who goes on an adventure, and finds out about his true identity- that he is the son of Zeus, and now it is in his hands to save the world from the demonic army who are aiming to destroy this peaceful human world and his people. The show had got a 7.5 IMDb rating, and now- much to the pleasant surprise of the show’s fans- it is back with its second season!

2. Bridgerton Season 3 | 16 May | Netflix

A romance drama set in the fictional world during the Regency era of England, and the show is about eight siblings from the powerful Bridgerton family- set on the goal of finding their true love. The new season will focus on the love story of Penelope Featherington, and Colin Bridgerton. The story will further open with Penelope finally giving up her love for Colin and deciding to settle down with anyone who gives her enough freedom to live her double life, away from her family. But, Colin has returned too- so much spice is still left to simmer in this incomplete love story!

3. The Chi Season 6 Part 2 | 19 May | Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus

An intriguing coming-of-age drama series created by the Emmy winner producer and screenwriter- Lena Waithe. The series centers around who group of residents who are strangers to each other- until, some strange coincidences connect them. The initial connections turned out to be bigger than expected. This show has been one of the most popular Showtime series and rated 7.6 on IMDb- with so much eagerness- the show is returning with a sixth season and the characters now have bigger dreams to fulfill.

4. Dark Matter | 8 May | Apple+ TV

Apple+ TV is coming up with a new sci-fi thriller show which is about a man who is abducted into one of the millions of alternate realities in which he is living in this universe. Among all the alternate lives that he could’ve lived- this one was a bit of sheer bad luck. He is now on a mission to find out and return to his family- most importantly, save them from his alternate version which is hell-bent on destroying his life. It sounds like a mind-bending thriller show!

5. Doctor Who Season 14 | 11 May | Disney+

Doctor Who, the most-awaited sci-fi Disney+ series that people have fallen in love with- is back with its 14th season and the fans can’t keep calm anymore! This is the fifth installment of the British series produced and written by Russel T Davies. Ncuti Gatwa will play the role of the new incarnation of ‘The Doctor’- an alien who travels through the time box to land in London!


6. Star Wars: Tales of the Empire | 06 May | Disney+

An animated TV mini-series bringing you more Star Wars adventure- all the fans assemble! The series follows the story of a young vengeful woman- a Jedi who is navigating various dangerous Galactic empires in different eras- trying to find her fate and surviving through these rapidly changing galaxies. The Disney animation, and the action thriller plot- all look so enticing that you just can’t miss this mini-series.

7. Outer Ranger Season 2 | 16 May | Amazon Prime Video

A mystery thriller drama series that came out in 2022- the film is about a rancher who is finding a way to save his land and family and fighting tooth and nail to get through it. However, he finds a mystery too complex to solve- in the middle of Wyoming. This adventure series was loved by all. So, the rancher is back with another adventure, and this time the stakes could be too high!

8. The Tattooist of Auschwitz | 02 May | Peacock

A grim war drama series based on the real-life story of Lale Sokolov, a Jewish prisoner during World War 1, who was tasked with tattooing ID numbers on each prisoner in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The series is an eye-opener, that tells many unknown tales from the eyes of a person who witnessed so many brutalities firsthand.

9. Bodkin | 09 May | Netflix

A crime drama thriller about three podcasters who come across the news of the disappearance of three strangers mysteriously in a lone Irish town. They decide to investigate it together- the more they try to put strings together and find out the hidden parts of the case- the more disturbing and horrendous it becomes. This Netflix series will give you many edge-of-the-seat thrills, unexpected twists, and revelations- but also many comic reliefs. A perfect weekend watch it is!

10. Interview with the Vampire Season 2| 12 May | AMC+

This mindblowing horror fantasy drama series will keep you wanting to binge-watch till the last episode! The show started in 2022 and got a 7.2 IMDb rating. Now, after a long wait- the show is back with another season. The series is based on Anne Rice’s 1972 hit novel of the same name. The show is about a vampire named Louie De Pointe who gives away many parts of his life including love, blood thirst, and the disadvantages of immortality. He gives away all this information in an interview given to a journalist- Daniel Molloy.

So, that was our compilation of TV Shows Releasing In May. Have you decided yet, which ones you will watch?

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