BTC Ekasi Launches Financial Education Center In South Africa

Financial education has similar importance as the other types. With this motive, BTC Ekasi launches a center that will focus on financial literacy. Also, you can log on to for crypto trading, an official website that simplified trading. This is the first center of its kind and will offer financial education, basic mathematics, and important skill of English. 

All this knowledge will be imparted to the younger generation of the region. Also, the center aims in providing knowledge revolving around Bitcoin to adults. This will help them in understanding how Cryptocurrencies function, mainly Bitcoin. BTC Ekasi is a circular BTC economy which is based in South Africa. 

The Aim Behind This Center 

Keeping in view the importance of financial education, this center imparts the knowledge on same in the region. It is the first center of its kind which is a result of BTC Ekasi’s efforts. According to a report in Bitcoin Magazine, this center aims in offering knowledge on Bitcoin to youths, businesses, and entrepreneurs. 

With the help of Ekasi, around 10 businesses are running in that area that has their base on Bitcoin. Thus center has enrolled around 20 youths within its first week of operation in the region. Over time, they have a goal of making this amount double. With time, they want to increase attendance. With this, more people will have the know-how of the Crypto market along with other important skills. 

The center is open to everyone during the morning. This applies for Tuesday to Friday. While on Saturday, the center is open for the entire day! Anyone from the community can enroll themselves in the center and avail of the facilities. 

Founder’s Viewpoint On Ekasi’s Center 

This financial education center will offer huge learning opportunities to the community. Also, the participants of this education program will get a chance to spend time with Surfer Kids. This is a non-profit program which is an initiative of Ekasi’s founder as well. They want to provide education in these impoverished regions so that they become empowered. 

Vivier, who is the founder of Ekasi says that they celebrated this center’s first anniversary. It was a surreal moment for him as the center officially made its way to the inauguration. He also adds that he felt a sense of empowerment with the help of Bitcoin. It can have positive effects on social issues. This center will help in spreading the movement to other communities as well. And they will have a different perspective on the concept of money. 

The Center has the support of FinTech firm Paxful and other non-profit organizations. These firms provide clean drinking water, supports on humanitarian ground, and quality education. 

Curriculum Offered By Ekasi’s Center 

Bitcoin means new chances for a better life as said by Yusuf, who is the director of another major FinTech firm. They feel happy to be able to help Ekasi’s center in helping to empower the entire community of the region. He also adds that this will help the community to build the base of a better future. 

The curriculum offered by BTC Ekasi center is different for different age groups. The youngest ones will receive education in basic maths and skills of English. And, the adults will learn some important questions relating to Bitcoin. 

These questions may move around 3 important topics. The first one is a basic understanding of Bitcoin, and the second question is how Bitcoin functions. While the third question revolves around the importance of Bitcoin. 


R Youssef who is Paxful’s CEO and founder as well, says that our society revolves around money. Most of the questions that matter are who has money, ways of growing more money, ways to get similar, and others. To understand all of these and be a part of these conversations, Bitcoin is the only solution. It will be more helpful for those who cannot access banking or credit facilities. 


Educational centers like this one will be a great source to educate people on Cryptocurrency and other financial services. Along with being financially literate, an entire community gets the potential for empowerment. The BTC Ekasi center is a great initiative to empower more people. 

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