Class 8 Student from Himachal Fakes his own Kidnapping to Avoid Punishment over Incomplete Homework

The detour that our world has taken is getting crazier day by day. The worst scenarios are the ones where children are involved.

Recently, a student from class 8 in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, faked his own kidnapping to avoid the consequences of incomplete homework. The matter was taken up by the Kot police station.

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What exactly did he say?

When the child was questioned by his family as to what happened to him, he cooked up a story. As stated by the boy, two masked individuals allegedly made him smell some substance after which he was unconscious. They apparently then kidnapped him on their motorcycle as stated by him.

He went on to say his escape story as well where he suddenly regained consciousness after the alleged bike with the kidnappers stopped at a traffic jam and he miraculously got out from their grip and escaped.

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Was it true to any extent?

No, everything that the boy said was a made-up story.

This came to light when after hearing about the boy’s ordeal, the family informed the police about the incident. The cops looked into the matter and checked the CCTV footage to verify the boy’s account. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the whole incident was fabricated. 

The boy made up this false story as he was scared of the consequences of his unfinished holiday homework as the school re-opened after a long monsoon vacation on 31st July.

Who is to blame?

Should we blame a 13-year-old child who fabricated an entire kidnapping? Or should we blame the school for creating an environment so hostile that apparently, a child would rather make up a criminal story than go to school with his unfinished homework? Or should we blame the parents who never thought that it would be good sense to at least take some interest in the child’s education- what is he doing at school? Is he given any homework? Does he need any help?

An incident weird enough to question the credibility of the school environment that actually leads to this kind of mentality in children. 

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