Delhi is the Most ‘Boring’ city, No Water Bodies, Or Safe Hiking Spots: Says An X user


A woman and an X user sparked a heated debate on the social media platform (earlier known as Twitter), where she shared some rather conflicting views about the city she currently lives in— Delhi. She loves to go on hikes, and safe walks, go off on some scenic trails, and chill near a a soothing lake. But, this woman named Yukti claimed on a social media platform that ‘Delhi is boring’ and ever since that time, there has been a flood of threads on her comment. Delhihites are giving explanations, suggesting sights to visit, and some are even agreeing with her. This cute banter between a new Delhiite and some old city dwellers who are defending their beloved ‘Dil wali Dilli‘ has got the internet talking!

One of the users even suggested some nature-filled places near Delhi to help Yukti take some respite from the heat and traffic of the city. From Lodhi Gardens to Nehru Parks- some places were mentioned and many agreed. But, some others say that while on eating out is the only convenient thing for them to do in the city- there is either traffic, encroachment, or places that are not well maintained enough to go for a peaceful walk.

When you are talking about the capital city- you are bound to attract a lot of attention- the post garnered lakhs of views in just a few hours! In the now-deleted post, Yukti mentioned, ” Delhi is so boring. (Most Indian cities maybe?) There are no actual water bodies, no trails, no hikes, no nice safe walks, and no scenic places to stroll along. Eating is all you can do. That is literally the only activity in Delhi. if you disagree, change my mind.” — yukti (@yukteaX)

Many set out to change her mind, here are some of the comments explaining  their POV on her post:


What are your views on this topic of discussion? Do you find Delhi boring or there are some hidden nature-friendly gems that you would want to suggest?

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