15 Videos From Delhi Metro That Went Viral on Social Media

Ever since Delhi Metro began operations in the winter of 2022, it has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people living in India’s Capital City. While it has eased transport and enhanced access in Delhi NCR, it has also become the hub for viral videos with interesting and entertaining moments that have captured the attention of social media users. From impromptu dance performances by reel creators and rides in ‘bikinis to intense fights for a seat, the viral videos on Delhi Metro are a must-watch.

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In this article, we have compiled some of the best viral videos from Delhi Metro, showcasing the diverse, entertaining and at time shocking experiences that one can encounter while traveling on this iconic mode of transportation.

Here are some of the most viral videos from Delhi Metro you should watch!

(Tip: Use Headphones. After all, the videos are from DELHI metro. You know what I mean!) 

(The embedded tweets might take a while to load. Please be patient) 

1. Just another day in Delhi!

2. Here’s Manjulika strolling in the coaches of the Delhi Metro! 

3. What is this behavior, Dilli waalon?

4. One of the reasons that led Delhi Metro authorities to ban filming of reels and videos inside the coaches…

5. Here’s Instagrammer Rhythm Channa who has claimed the enviable and coveted title of the “Viral Delhi Metro Bikini Girl” ever since this video went viral! 

6. After the kind of obscenity we have witnessed on the Delhi metro recently, this aunty might be offered the job of “Chief Moral Policing Officer” by the authorities. 

7. I think I have seen everything in life after I watched this video! 

8. Now that’s the kind of viral Delhi Metro videos I want to see more of…

9. Why should “Humans” have all the fun? Delhi metro also seems to be a fun ride for the animal kind!

10. God save us from such Papa ki Paris! 

11. Seat ka chakkar Babu Bhaiyya….Seat ka Chakkar! 

12.  Agla Station Kashmiri Gate. Metro ke Darwaaze pehle se Khuley hue hain! 

13.  Pepper Spray vs Haath: Who wins the Battle? Watch the video to find out… 

14.  I bet the girls trying to stop the fight are from South Delhi!

15. Be like the girl enjoying the Burger. Period! 

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These viral videos from the Delhi Metro truly captured the essence of the city of Delhi and the daily life here. We hope that these videos have brought a smile to your face and reminded you of the little joys, struggles and experiences all of us have experienced during our metro rides.

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