Engineering Grad Walks 3 Km to Deliver Swiggy Order, Internet Helps Him Find A New Job

In today’s world, the convenience of having our food delivered to our homes and offices is truly a blessing. However, it’s important to recognize the exceptional dedication of delivery professionals who go the extra mile to ensure our meals reach us on time. Recently, a viral post highlighted the incredible story of a Swiggy delivery person who walked an astonishing 3 kilometers at night to fulfill an order. The reasons he shared with the customer for his delay were nothing short of heart-wrenching, as he revealed his unemployment, financial struggles, and desperate reliance on water and tea to survive. Deeply moved by his plight, the customer took to LinkedIn to share his story and appeal for help. Fortunately, the power of compassion prevailed, and the delivery person ultimately secured a job, bringing a glimmer of hope to his life’s journey.


Priyanshi Chandel placed an order for ice cream through Swiggy. It took approximately 30-40 minutes for the order to reach her. As she opened the door to receive it, she found Sahil Singh, the delivery guy, sitting on the staircase, panting from his exertion.

Sahil explained that he had walked the entire distance due to a lack of funds to recharge his electric bike. He further mentioned that he had been surviving solely on water and tea for days. Despite currently working as a delivery boy, Sahil held an engineering degree and had previously been employed at Ninjacart and BYJU. Unfortunately, the pandemic had caused him to lose his job. With a hopeful plea, Sahil requested Priyanshi’s assistance in finding a new job.

Source: Priyanshi Chandel/LinkedIn

Priyanshi took to LinkedIn to share the entire incident and appealed to the online community for assistance. In her post, she included the delivery person’s degree, ID proof, and contact details. The post swiftly gained traction and quickly went viral, garnering over 16,000 likes and 400+ reposts.

Miraculously, within a matter of days, the Swiggy delivery person secured a new job, thanks to the collective efforts of the compassionate individuals who came across the post.

Source: Priyanshi Chandel/LinkedIn

People across the internet are showering love on Priyanshi’s kind and moving gesture. They are lauding her for her wholesome act of selflessly helping someone in need.

We are so busy with our own lives that we hardly care for what others do. However, stories like these serve as a reminder of the profound impact our small acts of kindness can have on the lives of others.

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