20 Interesting facts about Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is India’s third largest state. Its glorious past is still evident from the minarets and shrines that dominate most parts of the coastal state. The natural beauty and Islamic architecture throughout the state capture the attention of every wandering soul.


Let us find out some of the interesting facts about Andhra Pradesh.

1. Planning a trip to US and got no VISA? 

American Visa Temple

2. Film making gone big

3. Now you know where to buy your new house

Best Living Destination in India

4. Branching out

Thimmamma Marrimanu

5. Curing asthma, pro bono!

Fish Prasadam

6. This holy bull belongs to Andhra

Ongole Bull

7. This temple is famous for its sculptor

Rama Temple

8. Mines that held the most lustrous diamond

9. A closet you can walk into!

World’s longest walk-in closet, Hyderabad

10. Come aboard!

Most Number of buses

11. Wanna chill at a chilling spot?

Lambasingi, The Kashmir of Andhra

12. This major film producer lives in Andhra

Most  Number of films produced by a person

13. Let’s go underground!

Borra Caves

14. Fancy a view?

Vizag Front

15. Expressing a story via dance moves, here’s Kuchipudi for you!

Kuchipudi Dance

16. Guntur, the birthplace of Helium

that’s how helium happened

17. Here’s the soldier who designed the Indian National flag

Pingali Venkayya, Indian Flag Designer

18. The branches of this tree resemble elephant trunks

Elephant Tree

19. Here’s how Hyderabad became of part of the Union of India

Operation Polo

20. Standing tall!

Statue of Buddha

Wow! Andhra Pradesh is surely laced with a number of interesting phenomena. No wonder why this region attracts a huge number of tourists.  From ancient caves to historical temples, this beautiful Indian state should definitely be experienced once in a lifetime, for its rich heritage and alluring frontage.

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