Husband Cooks Sabji With 3 Tomatoes, Wife Leaves Home In Anger!

Tomato Madness: Husband's Costly Curry Lands Him in a Tomato-tastrophe!

In a hilarious news story from Shahdol district, Madhya Pradesh, a husband named Sanjeev’s extravagant use of tomatoes in his Sabji resulted in his wife storming out of their home, leaving poor Sanjeev with a tomato-shaped hole in his heart and an empty curry pot. Determined to win her back, Sanjeev has taken an oath to banish tomatoes from his kitchen forever.

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Tomato-tantrum Unleashed: Sabji with 3 Tamatar Gone Wrong

In a kitchen misadventure that would make even the bravest chef shudder, Sanjeev, the unsuspecting husband, ventured into dangerous territory: the land of tomatoes. Unaware of their soaring prices, Sanjeev, who runs a dhaba and a tiffin service, recklessly added three tomatoes to his Sabzi, unaware of the saucy storm it would unleash.

When Sanjeev’s wife discovered his audacious act, she erupted like a pressure cooker on the boil. Fuming with anger hotter than a tandoori oven, she stormed out of their home along with their little daughter. Sanjeev hasn’t been able to locate or speak to his wife, since then.

Sanjeev’s Tomato-free Vow: A Life Without the Red Delight

Drowning in sorrow, Sanjeev has now decided never to consume or even think of tomatoes again. His newfound mission: to win back his wife’s love and make their kitchen great again (without tomatoes). Sanjeev has reported this matter to the police station, seeking their help in locating his missing better half.

Can he save their relationship and live up to his tomato-free promise? The Nation Wants to Know!

Tomato Troubles: A Country in a Pickle

As Sanjeev embarks on his tomato-less adventure, he isn’t alone in his struggle. Across the country, tomatoes have become more valuable than a winning lottery ticket. With prices skyrocketing to dizzying heights of up to Rs 180 per kilogram, the common tomato has become a luxury reserved for the elites. Middle-class families find themselves in a saucy predicament, grappling with the dilemma of making their favorite curries sans tomatoes.

A Tomato-less Future: Curry Without Color?

In a world where tomatoes have become precious treasures, Indian kitchens face a tomato apocalypse. With half of our beloved curries relying on tomatoes for their luscious gravy, families are left wondering if a curry without tomatoes is like a Bollywood movie without song and dance.

Can innovative chefs find substitutes for the beloved tomato? Or are we doomed to live in a world where curries lack their vibrant color and tangy taste?

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