India Rising: Stories from Last Month That’ll Make You Proud (May 2023)

India is brimming with sunshine and talent this summer. The month of May has brought us some of the most intriguing stories that have pushed individuals and the nation to be better and to be more than yesterday. We have collected some of the key stories from the last month that’ll make you proud. From high-speed trains and roads that’ll cut your travel time by more than half to individuals who have made us proud, India is rising in all spheres. 

Here is a list of ‘India Rising’ stories that capture the best of May:

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1. 15-year-old girl from Chandigarh who was left blinded after an acid attack has beaten the odds to score 95.20 percent in the CBSE Class 10 exam

Kafi’s life turned upside down when three strangers flung acid over her when she was three years old. The unfortunate incident has left her blind but the strong-willed girl has not let any of her shortcomings affect her studies or ambitions. She appeared for CBSE 10th Boards as a student of the Institute of Blind in Chandigarh and secured 95.2 percent marks.

2. Trees to be Planted for each IPL dot ball in the playoffs

The onscreen viewers of the first qualifier match of the IPL 2023 between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans saw that at every dot ball, a tree icon appeared.  The commentators explained that 500 saplings would be planted for every dot ball in the IPL playoffs. The BCCI in association with the Tata Group have pledged to plant a total of 1,16,500 saplings  at the end of the IPL playoffs. 

3. A 100-kilometer-long* road has been constructed on the Ghaziabad-Aligarh Expressway in a record time of 100 hours, according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 

In one of the most historic achievements of our times,  a 100-kilometer-long road has been constructed on Ghaziabad – Aligarh Expressway in just 100 hours as per Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari. This feat was achieved using bituminous concrete and green innovative solutions. 

(*lane kilometers)

4. You can now travel between Mumbai and Goa in 7 Hours from June!

Vande Bharata Express will beat Tejas Express to become the fastest train on the busy Mumbai to Goa route. The trail run on the route has been successful and it is expected that the train will commence running from June onwards. It will cover the 765 km distance between Mumbai and Madgaon in just 7 hours.

5. Guidelines to protect children working in the entertainment industry issued

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has come up with guidelines to protect the emotional and physical well-being of children working in the entertainment industry. The guidelines have made it compulsory for the child artist to be registered with a magistrate, and compensated with one day leave in a week. The other provisions of these guidelines include no overtime, no disruption of studies, timely payment, and work in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.  It noted that the children are most prone to exploitation and often the working conditions are not safe.

6. India’s Longest Sea Bridge

Mumbai Trans Harbour Sea Link is the longest sea bridge in India. It  has 6 lanes and is 21.8 Km long out of which stretches 16.5 km above the sea and connects Sewari in South Mumbai to Chirle on the outskirts of Navi Mumbai. The sea bridge is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2026. It would be a huge relief for the commuters as they would be able to drive at a speed of over 100 Km per hour and would travel time from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in just 15 minutes.

7. Proposed Varanasi-Kolkata greenfield expressway.

The Varanasi Kolkata expressway is a six-lane expressway currently under construction. It is 610 km long and will connect Kolkata to Varanasi via Bihar and Jharkhand. It will only take 6 – 7 hours to commute to these cities. Once complete it will allow people to travel from Delhi to Kolkata and vice versa in just 17 hours, as Delhi is already connected to Varanasi via Yamuna Expressway, Lucknow- Agra Expressway, and Purvanchal Expressway. It takes almost 10 hours to reach Varanasi from Delhi via these Expressways.

8. Cycling 16 km to school, Assam girl secures 4th position in Class 10 exam

 16-year-old Sinam Jaiphabi Chanu stood 4th out of 4Lakh children who sat for class 10th CBSE boards exam in Assam. She used to cycle 16 km every day on broken and muddy roads, to reach her school. Even hot and sunny weather or non-stop rains did not deter her from cycling to school. This girl’s story is an inspiration for all the girls everywhere. She did not let any obstacle come in the way of her education.

9. Prathamesh Jawkar shocks world No.1 to win maiden archery World Cup gold

When the 19 years old Maharashtrian, Prathamesh Jawkar made it to the Archery World Cup in Shanghai nobody knew him! But, he proved his mettle by winning the gold medal to become the world champion in his maiden World Cup. The teenager defeated the world no.1 Mike Schloesser in a neck-to-neck competition by one point. Other players who performed exceedingly well in the game were Jyothi Vennam-Ojas Deotale who topped in the mixed game and Avneet Kaur won bronze in the Individual Women’s compound.

10. Niranjan Kaur has been giving free tuition classes to underprivileged children since Class 8. She has secured third rank in Class 12 CBSE exams

Niranjan Kaur has secured third position in humanities across Ludhiana. She has been teaching underprivileged children around her neighborhood since class eight and has so far educated 25 students. She managed to do so by finishing her homework in school and studying early morning and giving free tuitions in the evening. 

11. Internet Lauds Mumbai Cop For Covering Slippery Road In Mumbai With Sand To Prevent Accidents

An appreciation post by a Twitter user about a Mumbai cop is doing the rounds on the internet. The user had posted about the policeman’s kind gesture of spraying sand on the slippery road to prevent bike accidents. He informed that when the policeman noticed that the bikes were slipping on the road after rain he immediately got into action. The post has received more than 68,900 views so far.

12. Wheelchair-Bound For Five Years After An Accident, Kerala Woman Beats Multiple Challenges To Clear Civil Service

Twenty-five years old Sherin Shahana from Wayanad Kerala has beaten all odds to clear the Civil Services examinations in one go. She was bedridden for two years after she fell from her terrace in 2017. Despite her family’s financial struggle she did not let go of her dream and took constructive steps to reach this far. 

13. Inspired By A Constable Who Became ACP, This Delhi Cop Cleared Civil Services Exam In 8th Attempt

Head Constable Ram Bhajan Kumar of Delhi Police who served for more than 10 years, cleared the Civil Services exam in the 8th attempt. Despite 7 failed attempts, he did not give up. He wanted to serve people from a bigger platform but the real inspiration that got him going was Firoz Alam, another constable of the Delhi police who cleared it in 2019.

14. At six years and five months, Arishka Laddha has achieved a remarkable feat as she has become the youngest to scale the Mount Everest Base Camp

Six years and five months old Arishka Laddha from Pune has created a world record to become the youngest mountain climber to climb the base camp of Mount Everest at 17,500 feet. She set out on this journey with her mother and took 15 days to reach the base camp braving harsh cold weather that ranged from minus three to minus seventeen degrees. And, now, she hopes to climb Mount Everest someday.

15. 15-yr-old girl Maleesha Kharwa from Dharavi Slums becomes the face of Forest Essentials – a luxury beauty brand

Maleesha Kharwa who hails from Dharavi Slums in Mumbai is now the face of the brand’s new campaign, ‘The Yuvati Collection.’The Teen model was discovered when she was 10 years old by Robert Hoffmann. The commoner who made it big is also known as, ‘The Slum Princess.’ She is famous on  Instagram with over 300 K followers. She has even appeared in a short film called, ‘Live Your Fairytale.’

Image Source: Forest Essentials (Facebook)

In fact, these stories from the last month of individual achievements and development on the national front are only testimony to the fact that India is rising and the world will follow the lead.

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