19 Amazing Facts About Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh translates to a centrally located province and hence called, “the heart of India.” It is endowed with rich natural resources and rare species of plants. Its cultural heritage is preserved in palaces, forts, temples, stupas which stood the test of time to narrate the ancient tales.

Let us look at some of the interesting facts about Madhya Pradesh.

1. The capital city of Madhya Pradesh

Nagpur Capital city of Madhya Pradesh

2. The triple combo

Combination of States

3. Shining bright like a diamond

City of Diamonds

4. God becomes King

Ram Raja Temple

5. State of the wild!

National park of Madhya Pradesh

6. Oldest of India

Narmada River

7. A path of its own!

Reverse Gear

8. Home to musical geniuses

Musical Town Madhya Pradesh

9. No sign of beach!

Land Locked State

10. The old newspapers of Bhopal

Farz Newspaper published in Bhopal

11. The art of flexibility


12. 3000 years ago…

3000 years old rock painting

13. The monkey jumping valley

Bandar Kodini

14. The exotic Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho Temple

15. The ancient dome of Sanchi 

Sanchi Stupa

16. Here’s where Mowgli came to life!

Kanha National park in Madhya Pradesh

17. Alma mater of Lord Krishna

Sandipani Ashram, Ujjain

18. Hub of trains


19. That smoky waterfall

Duandhar Waterfalls

With beautiful waterfalls and a rich history, Madhya Pradesh indeed is a spectacular place. The heart of the nation with the numerous roads being its heartbeat, this state was once the largest! It still holds that place in our hearts!

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