School Friends Reunited With Each Other on LinkedIn; See Their Heartwarming Conversation

Social Media, if used the right way, is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. Connecting with people from all over the world by just sitting at your home is actually an amazing thing if we think about it. And we are not talking about random strangers only, but also some of our long-lost companions who were once a great part of our life. Yesteryears didn’t see the use of social media like now and maybe that’s why we lost touch with some of our dearest ones. But what if you accidentally find your childhood best friend on social media after many years and have a ‘school friends reunited’ moment?

This is exactly what happened to a LinkedIn user Vedika, who found her childhood best friend after 15 years on LinkedIn. She shared a screenshot of her conversation with her long-lost friend, Barnali, on LinkedIn.

Take a look at her post:

Netizens found this very adorable and heartwarming. The Internet had a wholesome reaction to their conversation:

Isn’t it so cute?

But this incident makes us ponder over a similar situation all of us are in. We all must have made a pact in our school days, with our friends, to stay in touch no matter what. And why shouldn’t we? After all, those were the people we spent most of our childhood with. But then life happened and all those promises made on farewell just got lost on the way to climbing the success ladder. 

But it’s not too late. We can still uphold all our friendship vows and maybe live those memories again. 

Call, ping, text, email or even send a postcard to your best friend and let them know you haven’t forgotten them. Maybe plan a reunion or just a casual meet-up. We would love to know your story with your school’s best friends. Let us know in the comment section your ‘school friends reunited’ moment.

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