Takeshi’s Castle Returns To Prime Video With Bhuvan Bam Replacing Jaaved Jaffrey

When you any 90s kid about his/her favorite TV shows, one name that is very common is Takeshi’s Castle. This was a Japanese game show that was aired in India with a Hindi voiceover. And this voiceover was the star of the show here just like the person behind it aka Jaaved Jaffrey. His funny commentary on these Japanese players and the host was what made Takeshi’s Castle worth watching. We clearly did not understand what the host said to the players and just to Jaffrey’s word for it. It was such a fun show but we could never understand how it worked. Like did anyone ever win the game? If yes, what was the prize? No clue! We watched it to see Japanese people struggle to cross the water on loose stones with a 99% chance of them falling directly into the water! That was the Squid Games of our time!

Guess what? This show is finally making a comeback! Yes, our favourite Takeshi’s Castle is going to be released soon. But we are not excited! Why? Because the heart and soul of the show, Jaaved Jaffrey is being replaced. The person replacing him is our personal favourite Bhuvan Bam as Titu Mama but let’s be honest here- We love BB in Vines and we love JJ in Takeshi’s Castle. Why the mix-up?

Prime Video will be the streaming partner this time instead of the OG Hungama channel. They posted the announcement Tweet featuring Bhuvan Bam:

Bhuvan Bam also took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce the same as he will be hosting the show as a popular character of his, Titu Mama:

Twitter had mixed reactions about this. Some were happy that Titu Mama would bring a new energy to the show but some people missed Jaaved Jaffrey.

Check out some of the reactions:

Although some people missed Jaaved Jaffrey, everyone is excited for Titu Mama as only he can pull off what Javed Jafeeri did back in the day.

We too are excited for Takeshi’s Castle and cannot wait to see what happens this time!

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