Teacher From Pune Educates Children About Good And Bad Touch; Netizens Praise Her


The world where we live has become uninhabitable. Predators are roaming around freely and victims need to hide in fear. Also, we are talking about human predators. These predators are more dangerous than ‘wildlings’. They not only prey on their victim’s body but also scar their soul forever. If adults can be a victim of such horrific situations, we cannot even imagine children going through it.

But as adults, we can make conscious decisions and not fall prey but children are innocent. They are nascent to the ways of the world. It is our responsibility to teach them from the very beginning how to react and escape from these situations. This is exactly what this teacher from Pune is doing by teaching young children about good and bad touch.

Recently a video went viral where a school teacher was seen teaching young children a very important lesson – Good touch and Bad touch. In the video, the teacher demonstrated what constitutes a good and what is considered a bad touch. She taught students how to react if someone touches you inappropriately. Teaching young minds this complicated thing was made easy by telling them exactly where should people not touch them. The girl students were trained to quickly remove the hand of the person touching them inappropriately. Check out the video here:

Netizens praised this teacher for actually doing such a great job:


She totally deserves the praise. She fulfilled her moral responsibility towards her students in a good way. The fact that she only took examples of bad touch from girls and not the boy also shows responsible behavior as she being a girl should not demonstrate this on a young boy.

It is sad to see that at an age where children should know about how Santa Claus is real and unicorns can fly, they are learning about how predators exist. The lesson that has been given to them at a young age is great but if we delve deeper as to why children ought to learn these things, we realize how messed up society is. This is a systemic failure and young minds should be made able to cope with this.

As teachers, parents, and responsible adults, it is our moral duty to protect these children and teach them how to protect themselves.

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