Twitter Shares the ‘Pairs’ They Wish to See Again In The Viral Thread

The whole entertainment industry has given us a lot of good pairs on screen whose chemistry was beyond awesome. The best thing about these iconic pairings is they do not necessarily have to be a romantic couple, they can be an amazing duo of best friends like Jai and Veeru. Some of these pairs have left a mark and have set a standard that no one can achieve. Recently a trend was picked up by Twitteraties where they fondly remembered these iconic duos. Let us have some of the tweets from the viral thread where Twitter shares the ‘pairs’ they wish to see again.

1. Jethalal – Mehta Sahab

This is what we call iconic friendship. Get yourself a best friend who is also your ‘fire brigade’! And we stan OG Tarak Mehta

2. Indravadan and Maya Sarabhai

This is what a mid-life couple crisis should look like! You become best friends more than your husband-wife!

3. Hansa and Praful Parekh

The OG Television couple gave us couple goals. You are not a great couple if your IQs do not match

4. Dhoni- Yuvraj

Yes, we said entertainment industry duos. But how entertaining was watching cricket when these two best players were together on the field?

5. Aishwarya Rai- Shah Rukh Khan

Miss World with the Bollywood’s King of Romance? Why wouldn’t we want more of them?

6. Rekha- Amitabh

This was unbeatable chemistry! We would love some more of them only if Mrs. Amitabh Bachchan approves though!

7. Nana Patekar- Anil Kapoor

This Don bothers were as iconic as it gets. Majnu Bhai and Uday Bhai for the win!

8. Shah Rukh- Salman

The actual Khans- The Karan- Arjun, needs to get back together. Imagine if a cameo has so much effect what will a movie do?

9. Shahid Kapoor- Kiara Advani

They are just one movie old but their performances and onscreen chemistry made us want this duo again!

10. Aishwarya Rai- Salman Khan

We know it’s not gonna happen but we are wishful!

11. Shah Rukh Khan- Rani Mukherjee

Why does SRK look good with everyone? And why is Rani the best? They can answer this with a film though!!

12. Ranbir Kapoor- Deepika Padukone

Their coming-of-age romantic movies is why we still have faith in Bollywood!

13. Shahid Kapoor- Amrita Rao

Hands down the cutest Bollywood on-screen pair till now!

14. SRK- Kajol

Rahul- Anjali, Raj- Simran, SRK- Kajol are just names of a few ICONIC couples!

15. Imran Khan – Genelia D’souza

Meow and Rats are the best friends-turned-lovers!

16. Hrithik Roshan- Kareena Kapoor

Tell us a better pair than this in the 2000s. We will wait!

This was our list on the Twitter trend of ‘pairs’ they wish to see again. Let us know your favourite in the comment section

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