UP Woman Mistakes Stranger For Her Long Lost Husband; Brings Him Home


In a bizarre turn of events, a woman from Uttar Pradesh’s Balia district brought home a stranger as she mistook him for her long-lost husband. It all started when the woman, Janaki Devi, brought home a specially-abled man thinking he was her missing husband, Moti Chand who has been gone for 10 years.

She found a man in a disheveled state outside a hospital in Balia. His hair and beard were unkempt and his clothes were dirty. He was unrecognizable. That’s when Janaki Devi thought he might be her husband who was missing for 10 years. 

She kept asking him “Where were you for so many days?” “Where did you go?” The man remained silent though.

She even called her kids to bring a kurta for him. She then took the man home thinking he is Moti Chand. But later when she checked for birthmarks on his body, she realised that he was someone else.

Turns out the man was not Moti Chand but someone named Rahul. Upon realising her mistake, she called the village head and other people to confirm his identity. Rahul was then reunited with his family.

True love?

This might seem a little bizarre but to look from Janaki Devi’s point of view, we can say that she was still waiting for her husband after all these years. Although she mistook someone else for her husband but even when she thought he was in fact her husband, she did not hesitate upon seeing his unkempt and unclean look, she was rather eager to take him home. If that’s not love, we do know what is!

We hope Janaki Devi meets her Moti Chand soon and they are reunited again and this time for real!

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