21 Viral Videos From Indian Weddings That Are All Kinds of Crazy!


The big fat Indian wedding is nothing short of a festival for the family and guests, and the pressure to throw the best, most unforgettable and lavish wedding can often put a dent in people’s finances. And while the argument of whether a big fat Indian wedding is even worth it is still on the table, it is undeniable that weddings are extremely fun. It is the biggest day for the ones getting married, which is why people want it to be so perfect – it’s something that they’ll never forget. In these viral videos from Indian weddings, while we see some couples having the time of their lives, the others… uh, not so much.


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1. When the bride decided that the Jaymala was the perfect occasion to start a game of Kabaddi.

I mean, as long as things are fun, why the hell not?

Source: Twitter

2. If a girl can wait her entire life for her prince charming, the least a groom can do is wait for her to finish eating her Maggi. 

It doesn’t seem like asking much.


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3. The groom be like: aight imma head out 🚶🏾‍♂️

So apparently, this bride lost consciousness, and the groom flew out of the venue like a bat ’bout to unleash a brand new virus.

Source: Instagram

4. Some people have disney themed parties, Indians have golgappa themed weddings. 

Why eat the food when you can be the food? Nope, that’s not sound advice. Sorry friends.

Source: Instagram

5. After all, you only get to make your bridal entry (ideally) once in your life. 

When the sound technician wouldn’t play the song this bride wanted to be her entry-song, she refused to walk into the venue!

6. A family that works out together, lives long together.

The most logical next step would be opening a gym together, tbh.

Source: Instagram

7. UP man dresses up as bride and shows up to his ex’s wedding because of course that’s the best way to sneak into a wedding (no, honestly, I am scratching my head here wondering what the hell his plan was):

I have no words, but also I feel sad for this guy. Idk man, my feelings are all over the place.

Source: Twitter

8. Man’s lover shouts “Babu, babu” outside the venue of his wedding. Now that’s a beautiful start to a very healthy marriage!

Yep, that happened.

9. Work-from-wedding.

WFH is for boys, WFW is for men.

Source: Instagram

10. Why should boys have all the fun?

Hum jeete ek baar hain, ek baar marte hain, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai… so why not have some fun?

Source: Instagram

11. Bhabhi successfully one-ups her Devars.

When none of these devars would let this bride take a seat alongside her groom, she decided to go ahead and sit in his lap.

Source: Instagram

12. A Kashmiri ritual for the ages. 

In this ritual, the bride makes rotis while the groom helps her.

Source: Twitter

13. The first dance is the sweetest!

So makes sense to throw your best moves.

14. And off goes the groom.

Without the bride.

Source: Youtube

15. Teacher first, husband second. 

In this hilarious video, an engineeing student gets his lab record signed during professor’s wedding reception.

Source: Twitter

16. If it’s meant to be, you’ll find a way. 

This couple literally sailed through floodwaters to get to their wedding venue. Mother nature’s got nothing on these lovebirds.

17. A match made in heaven: 

But like literally, because this couple got hitched mid-air on a plane!

Source: Twitter

18. Traditions, but make it toxic:

In a rather repugnant video, men can be seen flaunting huge sums of cash the groom received as dowry.

19. A very happy day indeed: 

Honestly, if you’re not as happy as this guy while getting married, call off the damn wedding.

Source: Youtube

20. This guy got married to two women on the same day, taking backup plans to a whole new level:

And then there’s you, who can’t convince even one woman to date him.

21. But first, let’s eat!

As a marriage hall in Bhiwandi shoots up in flames behind him, man continues to enjoy his scrumptious wedding meal unbothered.

Source: Twitter

22. Wedding Crashers, but make it Desi. 

So apparently when this guy went out of the city for work, his girlfriend’s family fixed her wedding. So he decided the most plausible solution would be crashing the wedding and marrying his girlfriend forcibly. Spoiler alert: didn’t work.

Which of these crazy Indian weddding videos did you enjoy the most? Comment below to let us know!


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