15 WTF Moments From Indian Weddings That Will Have You Lol-ing For Days!

Weddings are a big deal in India, and we take them very seriously. Months are spent in preparing for
them – from finding the right outfits and jewelry to the perfect venue and catering. The bride’s family leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the groom, his kin and everyone in attendance has the best experience ever.

But sometimes things go horribly wrong much to the families’ embarrassment. However, for the bystanders, these unfortunate events can be hilarious and leave them laughing out loud. Here are 15 of the biggest fails from big fat Indian weddings that will make you forget the shaadi ka khana and leave you in splits instead!

1) This groom who couldn’t get his aim right.

2) This bride who doesn’t want a bite of this groom’s banana.

3) This groom who couldn’t contain his excitement.

4) This couple which ended up in a hospital instead of a honeymoon in Goa.

5) This lucky “dog”.

6) This groom who thought biryani is bae.

7) This mother of the bride who is also a WWE wrestler.

8) This super-groom.

9) This groom who isn’t impressed at all.

10) This rather wet situation.

11) This groom who couldn’t get the job done.

12) This health conscious wedding party.

13) These kids who wanted to get it on before the wedding.

14) This bride who couldn’t keep up.

15) And finally this groom who got all too emotional.


Here’s hoping that these marriages weren’t as disastrous as they look and for the rest of you, try and not repeat these mistakes at your wedding.

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