15 Best Indian Ads Of 2023 That Stood Out From The Rest!


We all are living in the age of advertisements. When you step out, just take a quick look around and you will lay eyes upon at least one advertisement in whichever form. Some advertisements leave a long-lasting impression on us with their catchy jingle like ‘Asli Masale Sach Sach MDH MDH’ (we bet you sang this while reading) and some ads are just heartwarming like ‘No.1 Yaari’ or just tagline! Ads are a very important part of learning about the product or service and the better the ad is the more attention it will get. Here are some of the best Indian Ads of 2023.

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1. Reliance Digital | Technology Se Rishta Jodo

This Reliance Digital advertisement was so meaningful and heartwarming! It shows how older generation people are not used to technology like smartphones and other appliances because sometimes we do not even trust them with technology. This unintentionally lowers their confidence and they struggle even with the basics. This ad beautifully shows what a little encouragement can do! Reliance Digital is encouraging all senior citizens to embrace technology as depicted in the ad.

2. Dream 11 | Sab Khelenge Ft. Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi

This ad is a short and sweet anecdote where we see the 3 Idiots gang re-unite or maybe Farhan, Raju, and Rancho were actually friends forever! Dream 11 is the official partner of IPL since 2019 and this time it roped in these movie stars- Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi for an ad campaign called ‘Sab Khelenge’ during IPL where they launched a series of ads with these actors and some prominent cricketers shown in light-hearted banter like this.

3. McDonald’s India | EatQual

Kudos to the writer of the ad! The ad never showed this specially-abled girl in a ‘pity light’. And why would she be seen with sympathetic eyes all the time? She is independent, she can do things just like any other person! McDonald’s India understood the assignment! The EatQual campaign by Mcdonald’s shows a series of such times where equal treatment need not be paraded about!

4. Fevicol | No Chindichori

How does Fevicol come up with such ideas? Almost every Fevicol ad is funny. You cannot even guess what the product is initially and then suddenly Fevicol pops up like giving a problem to the solution!

5. TATA IPL 2023 | JioCinema

This Tata IPL streaming on the JioCinema app is as good as IPL ads and can be fun combined with a lot of energy! IPL ads during the peak season are a thing and people actually like watching these. Also, this ad has Shweta Tripathi and Abhishek Banerjee along with everyone’s favourite Dhoni and cricketer Suryakumar Yadav.

6. RuPay | Chaos In The Museum Ft Dinesh Karthik

This was such a silly yet funny ad by RuPay! Somehow we decoded what it can mean- RuPay credit cards are needed for on-time UPI services. But how does the ‘Catch Expert’ Dinesh Karthik fit in this? Watch the ad and maybe decode it further for us.

7. TATA IPL 2023 | Star Sports

Another fun-filled TATA IPL ad but this time the streaming services provider is Star Sports. The ad features Indian cricketers, Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya. This is an energetic and catchy jingle just giving the good old IPL ad vibes!

8. Zomato | Bhajji vs Sreeshanth


A great segue to turn something serious into something funny. We all remember the infamous Harbhajan vs Sreeshanth fight but Zomato took it to the next level. Funny how they made this into something so casual. It’s like saying we will laugh at this situation later and now we are! One of the best Indian ads of 2023!

9. Savlon | Swasth India Mission

Savlon’s new campaign ‘Swasth India Mission- Hand Ambassador’ is just a simple learning- keep your hands clean! After COVID, we all should actually take this seriously. A short and simple 15-second ad that skillfully delivers the message.

10. Zepto | ‘Nahi Milega?’ Ft. Uncle Ji

A funny ad campaign by Zepto, a grocery delivery service, called ‘Nahi Milega ft. Uncle ji’. This whole campaign funnily depicts how you might not get some basic things in life but you will definitely get everything from Zepto regarding groceries!

11. Lenskart | The War of Prices Ft. Karan Johar and Peyush Bansal

Lenskart ad series Ft. Peyush Bansal, the founder of Lenskart and Karan Johar are as hilarious as it gets. They have a series of ad where they talk about how the prices are so low that Karan Johar wants it to be higher. The creative team at Lenskart is working hard!

12. HDFC Life | Dulha Bhag Gaya

This HDFC Life ‘Dulha Bhag Gaya’ series is so innovative. It is like a mini version of the mini web series! It’s fun to watch and obviously talks about the benefits of HDFC Life credit cards and bank accounts!

13. Subway | Vishwanathan Anand

Seeing Vishwanathan Anand in an ad like this is quite refreshing. This Subway Ad is just an example of how difficult it is for some people to order a sub with all the customizations. The ad hilariously showed how ordering a sub can be as tricky as playing chess. Good wordplay we say!

14. Meesho | Mega Blockbuster Sale Ft. Ranveer Singh

A good ad requires either of two things: a good mini-story or message or a super fun and popular actor. Meesho had the second one. Ranveer Singh in an ad is sure to grab your attention and that way you now know about Meesho’s megasale!

15. Meesho | Sahi Quality Sahi Price Ft. Deepika Padukone

At first glance, it looks like a new Deepika movie where her husband goes missing but then we get to know it is just an ad. Meesho worked with story and star- seemed like a thriller movie trailer and had Deepika in it – the perfect combination! One of the best Indian ads of 2023!

We loved all these ads. They were some of the best Indian ads of 2023. So much creativity and energy in just 2 minutes and some even in a few seconds. Good ads like this make an impression on people and they never forget the ad even if the product might be difficult to remember. Can you remember which product this tagline belongs ‘ Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’?

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