16 Best Tweets of the Month: August 2023 You Must Read!

Do you feel incomplete without scrolling through a series of utterly funny memes on current issues and happenings? Yeah, me too! Well, Twitter might have a different logo, but the savage memes and tweets are still the same. In short, the Twitterati have kept the vibe of our lovable social media app alive. Tweets are entertaining as well as informative – they are better than any other medium for gaining knowledge on current affairs (just kidding!) And if you haven’t got the time or maybe are feeling too lazy to search for all the great memes of August, we are here to bring you that joy! Check out the 16 best tweets of the month: August 2023 and tell us which ones you found the most relatable.

1. The picture that shows the clear difference between an extrovert and an introvert!

2. When her ‘angelic side’ comes out for just one day!

3. That photo we all were waiting for and it made us smile too!

4. The Cricket World Cup ticket booking app showed half the people to ‘wait’ and for the other half it was just not loading and everyone had one thing in their minds- Yeh kya kar rahe ho yaar?

5. Especially if your school is one of those where they make Rakshabandhan- a grand festivity and make it compulsory for every student to attend!

6. A number of ‘money heist’ episodes take place on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and brothers are left with empty pockets!

7. When Chaar Vaar Aatmaram from ‘Guns and Gulaabs’ is already in that league…

8. I still remember the steps and the group formations…

9. When we were cleaning things out of fear…

10. And that patience as well as the excitement of downloading and creating the playlist is unmatched.

11. The Don that can’t keep calm for long!

12. When sisters are high-tech and don’t want to take any chances!

13. His cousins might be taking all the wrath right now…

14. Kabirs are much more decent than Prems and Rahuls of Bollywood…right?

15. Most desi households would relate to this!

16. Dr. Aditya and Chota Pandit are the most underrated duo!

Which one left you in stitches? Tell us your favorite tweet from the above compilation of best tweets of the month: August 2023.

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