Why Leading Casinos Like Playzee Utilise Live Customer Support Chat

Customer service is an integral part of any business, irrespective of the kind of business; the customer, after all, is the company’s nucleus. Without any customers, there isn’t any business; it’s no surprise that successful businesses and organisations place a lot of emphasis and financial resources into keeping customers satisfied.

The Importance of Customer Support


73% of customers will spend more at a store that offers superior customer service; this is why you will have an influx of customer service surveys in your inbox. Companies know that the differentiating factor is customer service since service products are similar these days.

The gambling industry has always provided excellent customer service, from complimentary food and drinks to additional services. Land casinos know that the better they treat their players, the longer they will stay and are more likely to return.

Impact of Live Customer Chat on Online Casinos like Playzee

Most customers want to buy from a company that has efficient online transactions, including customer support. People want to ask questions and get answers while browsing, just the same way they would in a brick-and-mortar store. The more effective and efficient the customer service is, the more likely a customer will buy again and probably recommend the store.

It’s no different for online casinos. Even though there are no physical products, players will still be spending their money on bets, and they want to know, should they have a problem, is there a way to get assistance. Customer support impacts not only your current players but also your future ones; word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. When you do things right, it works in your favour, but it becomes a considerable disadvantage when you don’t.

Since online casinos operate solely on the web, human interaction becomes limited. By nature, human beings need social interaction, which is why most operators have live dealers for card games. It’s also why successful online casinos like Playzee have a live chat as an option for customer support. Live customer chat is not only limited to queries and complaints; players can ask anything about the games or casino. You can find out about the Playzee casino details from their agents on the customer support chat.

Benefits of Live Customer Chat

  • Contributes to Level of Safety

Many reputable gaming review sites rate an online casino with live customer support higher on the ladder. Having your questions answered in real-time offers extra reassurance to players, especially new players.

  • Better Complaint Resolution

Faster complaint resolution works for players and the casino operator; the player doesn’t have to wait for an email to be attended to and then get a response, possibly 24 hours later. Or have to be told to re-send the complaint to another address which can all become frustrating. For casino operators, they can implement changes at a faster rate. The operator can quantify and categorize complaints at a faster rate when compared to other methods, such as phone calls and emails.

  • Transparency

You gain your client’s trust by using live chat support because they know their issues will be resolved timeously, 24/7, and in their own language. Players can also get assistance while playing; this is great for in-game glitches, where the player can send a screenshot of the problem to the agent in real-time.

  • Reduced Cost

Live chat customer service is cheaper than phone call support, so this will positively impact the bottom line. According to research, live support can be up to 73% cheaper than other forms of customer support.

The Future of Customer Support

The use of live chat in customer support has gained traction in the past five years thanks to several AI advances. Your live chat support system can be made up of people and bots, which speeds up the process considerably.

AI has also expanded how agents interact with players; you can now have video chat support or share screens. With VR/AR gaining momentum, there will be more options for player-agent interactions, making the process more streamlined and efficient.


To Close

Live chat options work better than other options in the online gambling industry. As an operator, this can become a deciding factor for players choosing your casino over another one. Always ensure your agents are knowledgeable and there are various languages to choose from.

Players want effective and efficient resolutions to their queries, so if you opt for bots, the system should be well-maintained and constantly checked for bugs. Lastly, as a player, we suggest you test-run the live chat option of any casino before playing with real money.

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