You Can Now Earn Money with Just 500 Subscribers on YouTube: All That You Need To Know


The Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube has declared its new 2023 monetization policy. And this one definitely is a piece of good news for all the new YouTube creators! YouTube has now lowered the subscribers’ number from 1000 to half of it- 500 to get eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Though, apart from the newly announced changes, the other existing criterion for YPP eligibility remain unchanged. The CEO of YouTube Neal Mohan also declared the New policies through a Tweet recently.

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New Monetization Policy 2023: What are the benefits?

Additionally, YouTube has also introduced some monetary methods to benefit small YouTubers like paid chat, tipping, shopping features, channel memberships, etc. Other specifications are also changing such as you need only 3000 valid watch hours instead of the previous 4000 valid watch hours, and you need just 3 million shorts views rather than 10 million views. However, initially, these guidelines are only put in place in a few countries including the UK, the US, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. Once the 

Can I make money if I have 500 subscribers on YouTube?


Yes, it is now possible to make money if you have crossed the threshold of 500 subscribers. Although, it is important to note that subscriber count is just a criterion to get eligibility and the earning source is still the same- ad revenue. So, the more the ads are in your video, the more revenue your video will generate.

How many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube in India?

The subscribers count in India is still 1000 and 4000 valid watch hours to get YPP. However, the new rules are soon going to apply to Indian content creators too! 

How to apply for monetization?

To apply you need to go to the YouTube Channel Monetisation Policies office YouTube page and check the eligibility criteria such as- Your page’s content and its alignment with YouTube’s community guidelines, Copyright, Google Adsense programme policies, the view count meeting the criteria, watch time criteria and many other such important guidelines. And If you have achieved all the standards of YPP then you can apply for monetization through features like:

  • Ads
  • Super chat and Super stickers
  • Channel memberships
  • Super Thanks
  • Shopping
  • YouTube Premium

You can also check all the YPP monetization policies and apply for eligibility here.

Moreover, the company has also rolled out Creator Music- a new marketplace to catalogue music for using it in the US Yutubers’ videos. If successful, the same marketplace will be introduced in other regions of the world too. All in all, the year 2023 is a lucky one for all new YouTubers and a future with many opportunities to expand their business too.

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