11 Powerful Quotes From The Legends Of Cricket

It takes relentless hard work, years of undivided attention and a lot of perseverance chasing the dream of playing for one’s country. What separates the legends from thousands of extremely talented youngsters sweating it out every single day on the field is their attitude towards the game. This attitude helps talented youngsters take on the legends in the international level until they become a legend themselves.

We bring you 11 powerful quotes of wisdom from the legends of cricket that defines the undying determination and attitude that have made these legends who they are.

1. It’s all about you perform when given the chance



2. Don’t ever give up your dreams



3. Aim big to succeed



4. Every successful person was once a dreamer



5. Observe others and do what’s best for you



6. Learn to love yourself first



7. Go on and on



8. Focus is the key



9. Believe in yourself, not in people



10. Starting small, ending big



11. Strategize, plan and keep a one track mind



Success doesn’t discriminate! It doesn’t matter whether you start small, with limited means or you have all the resources you think you need to make it big. What matters is that you be focused, determined and get ready to work yourself off.


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