21 Best Permanent Roommates Dialogues That Are Funny And Sweet

Permanent Roommate is a much-loved rom-com web series that came out first in 2014. Ever since that day Mikesh and Tanya were the known and the fan favorite characters. The show was also a turning point for TVF (The Viral Fever), which now produces many well-known and popular shows like Kota Factory, Aspirants, Hostel Daze, and many more. Your favorite show that had 2 seasons, is now coming up with its third season! Yup, and all the fans of the show are already excited. The show is known for its comedy of errors, best characters, and some of the best Permanent Roommate dialogues that will make you laugh no matter how many times to watch it!

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The show revolves around the sweet, sour, and tangy love story of a couple- Mikesh and Tanya, who are in a live-in relationship. Their bonding, quarrels, and romance- make up an interesting and rather funny series of events that everyone who watched became a part of. So, let us read some of the best Permanent Roommates dialogues from the first two seasons before the third season starts streaming.

1. Mikesh and his sweet way of winning hearts!
“Ek galati to insan bhi maaf kar deta hai, main to phir bhi bhagwan hoon” – Mikesh

2. Legend says he is still shocked!

“Tum kitna fast bolti ho yaar , fadfadfadfffad…….Bus nikal hi jaati ho” – Mikesh

3. The artist who speaks from his heart…
“Tum log sala, art kabhi nahi samjhoge” – Mikesh

4. Just laugh at it!
“Kya soft haat hai tumhare , baal bhi nahi hai” – Mikesh

5. Who wouldn’t fall for this sweet dummy?
“Arrey itna toh like karte hai tumko, pichhle saal Sikkim gaye the, tumhare liye Laughing Buddha nai bheja tha”- Mikesh

6. Valid point…
“Itne time se lonely ho, koi cuddle karne ke liye bhi nahi hai” – Mikesh

7. Tanya’s ambition and hard work are justified…
“I am working too hard to become a brand manager, not a mom” – Tanya

8. The words of an understanding man…
“Mai usse tab shaadi karna chahta hun jab uska bhi Shaadi karne ka man ho” – Mikesh

9. Nope, there are no age restrictions for that uncle!
“Is it wrong for someone like me to have some fun???” – Tanya’s father

10. Lleo and his way of burning people…
“Hero banna hai toh apne talent se ban bro budget se kyu ban raha hai?”- Lleo

11. Those moments when Tanya is just too honest!
“I don’t disrespect what you do but it’s just not me, this is not my cup of tea” – Tanya

12. Kis ke bhi sage nahi hote…
“Tiwari Sahi Kehata Hai, Yeh Anda Khane Wale Vegetarian Kisi.” -Mikesh

13. Go for the feelings, not the words!
“Now pull the worries, now throw them at me.” – Mikesh

14. It is a likely possibility…
“Kal mujhe Subah-subah sapna aya ke humare baby ne maa bolne se pahle cool bola” – Tanya

15. Puroshottam gets savage without even a warning!
“Pet me bachcha toh nahi hai, compulsary hota hai kya?” – Purushottam Ji

16. Accha Kiya Purushottam Ji…
“Mandir se seedha aaye hai, khushkhabri lekar. Bhookh laga tha toh ek tho kha lie” – Purushottam Ji

17. Check out karna hi padhega doctor ko ab!
“Ek do hafto se pet mein thoda gutur-gutur ho raha hai. Inke saath humko bhi checkout kar lijye” – Purushottam Ji

18. Keep it up, brother!
“Pitaji ne kaha apne pairo par khade ho jao, shaan se ola chalate hai” – Purushottam Ji

19. That’s some brutal honesty!
“Be a man, cry like a bitch” – Mikesh

20. Yup, they just sit and procrastinate about winning!
“I am not trying, winners don’t try” – Lleo

21. Mikesh can make anything happen!
“Woh stick local brand ka tha… maine susu kiya tha tab mujhe bhi pregnant dikhaya” -Mikesh

So, which is your favorite dialogue from the above 21 Best Permanent Roommates Dialogues?

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