15 Best Indian Cooking Channels on Youtube You Must Check Out!


The pandemic has turned almost all of us into amateur cooks. Nowadays, YouTube channels have replaced restaurants as the go-to saviours when we want to treat ourselves or our loved ones to something fancy. Cooking has also become a precious pastime for quite a few, which is when YouTube comes to the rescue. Here are the 15 best Indian cooking channels on YouTube, to get you going on your culinary journey.


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1. Bong Eats

Run by Insiya Poonawala and Saptarshi Chakraborty, this channel is THE one to refer to for all things Kolkata when it comes to food. With beginner-friendly instructions, precise recipes and awesome videography, this is one of the best Indian cooking channels on YouTube, you must check out. They have a huge 1.4 million strong fanbase.

2. Kabita’s Kitchen

Simple, homely and warm – three words which perfectly sum up what this channel is all about. Run by Pune-based cook Kabita Singh, her recipes became famous during the lockdown. Celebrities like Tanmay Bhat and Diljit Dosanjh hyped the channel up as well, helping it reach 11.8 million subscribers!


3. VahChef – VahRehVah

The channel is by famous chef Sanjay Thumma, whose cooking videos are extremely popular in India and abroad. He has a whopping number of 2.45 million subscribers, and is known for bringing recipes from cuisines all over the country to his channel.

4. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

The most expected name on any article talking about Indian cooking, the renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor has always been a reliable guide to fall back on, with his impeccably crafted recipes. Is it any wonder that the food maestro has 6.88 million subscribers?


5. Chef Ranveer Brar

Delicacies familiar and exotic, sprinkled with a good dose of history and humour – that’s Chef Ranveer Brar for you. Add to that some beautiful presentation skills, and you find yourself with your eyes glued to the screen. His channel with 4.74 million subscribers is a treat to the senses.


6. villfood

With 1.95 million subscribers, this is a channel run by a family based in rural Bengal. It presents not only authentic recipes, but also the entire process behind it. Right from the cleaning and preparation of ingredients, they show the most enjoyable step of eating with your loved ones. Check out the channel if you want a taste of the rustic and homely.


7. Hebbar’s Kitchen

If you want beautifully curated and categorized vegetarian recipes of India, this is the place for you. From healthy snacks to delectable curries, Hebbar’s Kitchen has it all. A stunning 6.38 million people follow Hebbar’s, and with good reason.


8. Tarla Dalal


Another well-known and awaited name on the list, Dalal’s recipes find a YouTube channel where elaborate dishes are prepared with graceful ease. It is the perfect start for beginners. The legend’s legacy has 1 million people hooked to the videos.


9. Village Cooking Channel

This is a Tamil channel run by a group of village-based chefs who are passionate about cooking. Their videos are sure to leave you enthused about the entire culinary process. There is some great camera work, authentic and rustic recipes along with the infectious energy of the cooks. With a staggering number of 15 million subscribers, the channel gives you a window into the simple and energetic lifestyle led by the people which reflects in their food.

10. Snigdha’s Bioscope

Snigdha is a Bangalore-based home cook originally from Meghalaya. She brings out her love for food through interesting recipes of food from the northeastern part of India. Along with recipes, she also shares food vlogs and mukbang videos, and has 55.5K subscribers.

11. Nisha Madhulika

She is immensely popular for her simple and reliable videos, and has 12.4 million subscribers. Hers is the channel you check out if you want to bring a creative twist to your mundane food items.

12. Ajay Chopra

Chef Ajay Chopra has a jovial way of presenting authentic recipes, sometimes with a spin. He brings in recipes from all corners of the country and presents them with his personal take, making his videos a must for all foodies out there. His is a channel with 407K subscribers.

13. Manjula’s Kitchen

With 596K subscribers, this is the channel you need when it comes to learning the best vegetarian recipes the Indian cuisine has to offer. The gluten-free and vegan alternatives for age-old recipes are the perfect choices for vegetarians and vegans looking to spice their meals up.


14. Grandpa Kitchen

Narayana Reddy, the “Grandpa” in this kitchen, passed away in 2019, but his videos live on as sources of knowledge and satisfaction for lakhs of viewers. The channel is now run by his grandsons, with equal enthusiasm, cheered on with a fanbase of 9.4 million subscribers.

15. Your Food Lab

Started by Chef Sanjyot Keer, the channel promises you fresh and innovative takes on food, which are sure to make your stomach growl and your mouth, water. The channel recently garnered the attention of over 3 million subscribers.


Let us know in the comments which are the best Indian cooking channels on YouTube you chanced upon!

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