Twitter Reacts As Celebrities Across the Globe Lose Their ‘Blue Tick’

Twitter – one of the world’s most influential social media platforms has come a long way since its humble launch in 2008 by Jack Dorsey. Twitter today has been inspiring global movements and influencing public opinion worldwide. However, the social media platform has undergone metamorphic changes since Elon Musk took over in October 2022. The latest in this series of developments is celebrities worldwide losing their blue tick.

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The blue tick was once a coveted sign on Twitter indicating a verified account and a public figure of importance. Getting verified on Twitter was one of the moments of celebration for several Twitter influencers and people striving to make a mark in public life. Musk had already indicated a few months ago that users would have to pay $9 per month for the blue tick and even normal Twitter handles had the option to subscribe to “Twitter Blue” and get a blue tick on their accounts. However, even after the introduction of Twitter Blue, public figures whose handles were verified previously still retained the legacy blue tick.

All of this changed today, when Twitter woke up to see even the biggest celebrities like Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, and Justin Bieber, lose their blue tick. Twitteratis reacted to this development in their signature style with memes and jokes.

Here are the best tweets…

1. Elon Musk to Celebrities…

2.  Celebrities = Twitter Blue Subscribers 

3. That’s Elon Musk for you! 

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4. An alternate to the lost blue tick on accounts 

5. Some respected figures have decided to stay without blue tick but never subscribe to Twitter Blue 

6. How can someone distinguish between a renowned public figure and an impersonator account now? 

7. Paisey ka chakkar Babu Bhaiyya! 

8. Info: Government accounts and people holding respected posts in the government still retain their verifies status

9. Elon Musk’s version of Notebandi…

10. Duplicate Accounts are bound to surge on Twitter now…

11. Mr. Musk spares nobody from his profit-making plans…

12. Me to blue tick verified celebs..

13. Elon Mush doesn’t give two hoots about celebrities

14.  Rab bhi khel hai khele.. 

15. Just a regular BIG B Twitter thing.

16. Don’t mess with the KING.

17. Ekdum se waqt badal diya…

18. This is business.

19. LSG joining the meme fest.

20. Swiggy’s humor is on point as always.

21. Cute!


22. Kabir ‘BLUE TICK’ Singh!

Would you pay the required $9 for a blue tick on Twitter? Do let us know in the comments below!

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