13 Times When Celebrities Spoke In Favour Of Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana has been a debate with the law authorities and ordinary citizens for a long time. While some countries like Uruguay have fully legalized marijuana, many others like the US and Netherlands tolerate it to some extent. Despite the taboo around marijuana, it is the most widely used and just as widely available drugs around the world. In all likelihood, if you don’t smoke up yourself, you most certainly would know someone who does. But do you know there are many popular celebs who openly admitted to using marijuana, with some even advocating its legalization? Here are 13 times when famous celebs spoke in favor of marijuana.

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1. Willie Nelson, country singer, author, poet and a big-time marijuana activist

2. This controversial comedian who died of pancreatic cancer in 1994 was fully in support of marijuana

3. William was a conservative author known as ‘arguably the most important public intellectual in the United States in the past half-century.

4. We all know this guy!

5. Maybe this is why he is one of the most loved US Presidents in history.

6. The man who made marijuana mainstream and even wrote songs about it.

7. This fifteen times Grammy award winner admitted to be an avid marijuana smoker.

8. One of the most influential figures in jazz music also wanted marijuana to be legalized.

9. Jack Herer was an author and a cannabis activist.

10. Who knew George Washington was also a supporter of good old weed!

11. Tupac favored marijuana and was against violence.

12. We feel you, Snoop.

13. I’m sure marijuana has saved more than one life.

As the debate continues to simmer, one thing is admittedly clear. There are bigger crimes and issues out there than the penalizing of smoking an herb.


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