Top 5 Underdog Victories That Defined Indian Cricket

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Almost everyone appreciates a true underdog story. Seeing a team or an individual achieve the improbable against all odds gives an unexplainable sensation.

We have witnessed underdog triumphs from Indian cricket teams who have gone against overwhelming odds and emerged victorious. Those who anticipated these surprising outcomes likely reaped significant rewards, illustrating the potential value found in underdog bets. For those inspired by such remarkable victories and looking to potentially enhance their betting experience, leveraging the 4rabet bonus code today could prove beneficial.

Let us embark on this journey that takes us through the top 5 India’s underdog conquest moments from history. 

Top 5 India’s Underdog Victories

1 – 1983 Cricket World Cup 

The 1983 World Cup is hailed as the unforgettable shock in cricket history. The World Cup was held in England and Wales, with eight participating countries. From these, India, England, West Indies, and Pakistan qualified for the semifinals.  

The final was between India and West Indies. The latter was the defending champions lifting the cup twice in a row. India upset the back-to-back winners of the tournament. India won its first World Cup title by 43 runs. Mohinder Amarnath was named man of the match.

2 – 2007 T20 WC 

2007’s T20 world championship was where the new format was introduced to cricket. The Indian cricket team comprised young players who were clearly the underdogs. The BCCI sent this team to the World Cup under the captain MS Dhoni.  

The championship was held in South Africa with 12 participating countries. India and Pakistan were the two finalists, who were in the same group, Group D. India emerged victorious by five runs with its young players. The aftermath showed the Indian team being showered with warm welcomes, while the same cannot be said for the Pakistan team.

3 – 2011 World Cup Triumph

The 2011 World Cup triumph was both an underdog moment and a butterfly effect. In the previous 2007 World Cup, West Indies was the host nation. In this World Cup, Australia won their 3rd successive title by 53 runs against Sri Lanka. The most memorable for Indians from that cup would be the early exit. 

The 2007 debacle resulted in the formation of a modern Indian team. In that same year, the Indian team sent a team of young players to the 2007 T20 WC where they emerged victorious and made way for the IPL. 

To avenge the poor performance of the last World Cup, India sent its best players. The Indian team was led by MS Dhoni. After winning India became the first nation to win a World Cup final on home soil.

4 – 2002 NatWest Series

 The 2002 NatWest series was held in England and involved India, Sri Lanka, and the host. The final was between India and England. The test series was drawn by 1-1. England’s Marcus Trescothick and Naseer Hussain scored centuries to put India in a difficult situation. 

India needed an impossible-looking 180 runs in 26 overs. The teams turned the impossible and lifted the trophy.

5 – 2001 Eden Gardens Test

The Eden Gardens Test between India and Australia is arguably deemed the best test in cricket history. India won by 171 runs after being forced to follow on.  

The Australian team was the best team at the time in the world and held the test record in history. Australia had the edge by winning 16 tests in a row, and India was the sure underdog of the match. 


India has been the inspiration for many young players and new fans of the game. The IPL, one of the best cricket leagues, is also founded thanks to these underdog triumphs.

These moments show the sheer determination and will of the Indian cricket team at difficult times. 


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