Outlining Important Details in a Modern Industrial Kitchen 


Committing to an industrialised kitchen may not seem attainable for many, as the aesthetic is rather cold and unwelcoming due to the materials used and the lack of colours. However, its practicability makes it a feasible option for those who must work with what they have. 

Some consider industrial kitchens to be lifeless, but one of their biggest disadvantages is the costs of appliances and materials since this type of kitchen requires considerable investments to achieve a particular design. Modern furniture is made of wood and metal materials, the presence of brickwork and concrete is a must, and they must be created with professionals’ help. 

Still, modern industrial kitchens are high-quality, and the designs and looks will last longer due to their high-end materials. So, if you’re interested in creating such a kitchen for your home, here are some elements that must not be overlooked. 

Sleek cabinets and furniture 

A prominent feature of industrial kitchens includes straight and simple designs for furniture. Minimalistic designs and cold tones, such as grey, are preferred to give off a look close to commercial kitchens. 

Look for handless doors, functional workstations and intuitive designs for kitchen cabinets when searching for modern kitchen ideas. While cabinets and units must be as straightforward as possible, they must be functional and versatile. 

Still, getting furniture might be the easiest step because sleek models can be found everywhere. You can also find budget options, but the traditional industrial kitchen has qualitative materials like quartz, steel and metal frames that offer its unique looks. 

Concrete everywhere 

Another essential feature of modern industrial kitchens is concrete. Introducing it is also affordable and approachable, even without the help of a professional, as concrete is pretty easy to finish. Indeed, you must get over the incomplete and imperfect look because this is what we’re aiming for. 

Concrete walls go perfectly with exposed ceiling beams and lighting. But you can also decorate them however you like. The ideal décor pieces would be greenery, such as artificial or natural plants, and metal and wood pieces, such as a mirror with a metal frame. 

A concrete floor is necessary to go with the whole look, but if you feel it might be too cold, place some vintage and massive carpets and rugs around frequently used areas, such as in front of the sink or around the dining table. Antique models contrast the modern kitchen just right. 

Open shelving 

Compared to other kitchen layouts and designs, when closed shelving is preferred to achieve that clean and minimalistic look, industrial kitchens work better with open shelving. Indeed, open shelving would have a bigger impact if cutlery would also be in similar designs, such as concrete bowls, contemporary sets and bamboo cutlery. 


To successfully achieve a clean look for the open shelving, it would be best to display fewer products on the shelves and avoid stacking them up. The shelving must be simple but bold, so choosing darker colours for the shelving or the wall behind is ideal. If you’ve got a lot of things roaming around the kitchen, you can take over an entire wall for the shelving. 

Pendant lights 

Pendant lights come in all shapes and sizes, so it might be overwhelming to choose the right ones. However, they’re perfect for the modern industrial look due to their length and simplicity. Before selecting the ideal model, know that it might be best to integrate them into layers around the kitchen. 

For instance, ambient lighting should be included around the kitchen instead of the ample central light for a cosier look. In contrast, task lighting is necessary for ensuring total visibility in most-used areas, such as the countertops and stoves. Finally, accent lighting is used to highlight decorations or particular regions of the kitchen, but it must be appropriately placed in industrial kitchens. 

Regardless, pendant lights must be hung accordingly to look great in modern kitchens. For example, an eight-foot ceiling should be accompanied by lighting from 12 to 20 inches below it, and for every added inch for the ceiling, add three other inches for the height of the pendant.

Quirky but bland ornaments 

Modern industrial kitchens don’t have to be boring, so putting ornaments around them is doable with the right pieces. You can start by adding lots of plants that will improve the air’s quality and come in contrast with the concrete and synthetic look. 

When it comes to decorations and ornaments, you can go by the same concept of industrialisation but with a little bit of spice. Choose different textures for vases and other pieces, while colours must be similarly cold with the room, but maybe in various tones and materials. Black metal accents, multiple hooks and rusty pieces are best to incorporate industrial items into your kitchen. 

Ultra-functional tools

Since it’s a modern and industrial kitchen, the appliances you choose must fit the look but also serve their purpose of being functional. Such pieces can fall under the high-tech area since they don’t consume a lot of energy but are packed with several functions, so you won’t have to fill up your kitchen with endless pieces.

These appliances will help you maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and cook quickly and fast. For instance, look for a multifunction digital air fryer, an operational refrigerator or a cocktail maker machine (for those who like to party at home) that will massively improve your lifestyle.

There are also numerous appliances with sleek designs and uncomplicated lines, so incorporating them will be easy. Their purpose will fit the aesthetics and also keep the kitchen neat as their complex technology makes it easy for you to perform your daily tasks.

Bottom line

Having a modern kitchen is easily approachable, as most kitchens have this design. But when it comes to adding a little bit of industrialism to it, things get complicated. However, if you wish to try this style, it probably means you’re a fan of the aesthetic and can appreciate the unfinished, cold and concrete look. Hence, such a kitchen should have as much concrete on the walls and floors as possible, simple lines and natural materials, from rock, steel and bamboo.

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