6 Posters That Show How Getting Inked Can Bring A Change

Do you often find yourself criticizing your surroundings? Do you often find yourself not getting basic comforts because it all depends on your government? Well, we know the solution, and so do you.

Go vote! Your vote can bring a change in the government, society, country and the world.

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So, we bring you 6 illustrated posters to quietly remind us why you need to go out to the polling booths and vote during every election. As, getting inked is the trend now!

1. Water problems can be solved

WhyVote (1)

2. Electricity problems can be solved

WhyVote (2)

3. Safety can be ensured

WhyVote (3)

4. Education can be guaranteed! 

WhyVote (4)

5. Freedom is yours!

WhyVote (5)

6. Bribing becomes a crime!

WhyVote (6)

Because… change begins with YOU. GO & VOTE!

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