13 Ironies that Exist in India

We are a country with billionaires and those struggling to afford two square meals a day. We are a country who gave the world ‘Kamasutra’ and still shy away from speaking about ‘sex.’ We are a country of diversity, vividness and full of IRONIES!

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We bring you our series of posters that portray the different ironies that exist in India.

1. Homes to build but none to live in.

Ironies in India (1)

2. Dearth of electricity for electricians.

Ironies in India (3)

3. Modern world ruled by ancient laws.

4. Atithi Devo Bhava?

Ironies in India (5)

5.Commenting but not doing. 

Ironies in India (6)

6. Polluting the holy.

Ironies in India (7)

7. Conflicted use of media.

Ironies in India (8)

8. Rich above poor.

Ironies in India (9)

9. It’s okay to pray but inappropriate to practice.

Ironies in India (10)

10. When victim is the culprit.

Ironies in India (11)

11. Luxuries over necessities.

Ironies in India (12)

12. All words but no action.

Ironies in India (13)

13. Overeating over feeding the poor.

Ironies in India (14)

These posters don’t portray a pretty picture of the nation. But sadly, they project nothing but the truth. India, known for its principles, customs and traditions, fails in numerous ways to emerge as a just and equitable nation.

Ironical… isn’t it?

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