11 Guns & Gulaabs Dialogues That Are Funny and Powerful

Guns and Gulaabs is a recently released Netflix series that is receiving a lot of critical acclaim for its portrayal of a dark comedy story. The show tells the story of a cartel-run town, Gulabganj, where the destinies of an opium dealer, a narcotics department police officer, and a small-town mechanic’s lives are intertwined in a big chaos. The dialogues, slow-motion actions, and the show’s name, a combination of two popular 90s American bands – Hollywood Rose and LA Guns, suggest that this unique creation by Raj and DK is a must-watch!

The series features an ensemble cast including Rajkumar Rao, Dulquer Salman, Satish Kaushik, Adarsh Guarav, and Gulshan Devaiah, all of whom have delivered stellar performances. Besides the cast, what brings the story to life are the 90s elements that take you on a nostalgic journey back to a time when music was played on cassettes, Pink Mamba was a popular perfume choice, and baggy pants were widely in vogue. Explore some of the most powerful and memorable dialogues from “Guns and Gulaabs.

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1. Rajkumar Rao maintains his fun element in this scene!
“Hilne ki koshish kari toh tere ando ka omelet bana dunga.”- Rajkumar Rao

2. The words of a confused heir trying to console himself…
“Main Chahta hun ki papa ko mere pe naaz ho, main bhi unko dikhata hu ki main ganchi hu.”- Adarsh Gaurav

3. Ganchi bhai and his fearless words prove his control over Gulabganj.
“Gulab Ganj ki pavan dharti par aapka swagat hai.”- Satish Kaushik

4. When a police officer looks you straight in the eye and says those lines firmly…
“Khana paani, sar pe chat, bistar sab to hai..baki khali haath aaye the, khaali haath hi toh jana hai.”- Dulquer Salman

5. Aatmaram and his chilling way of killing his targets…
“Char cut me aatmaram charo charno me aatma ki shuddhi karta hai.”

6. The dark humor…
“Meri goti dikh rahi hai kya?”- Gulshan Devaiah

7. Tipu has a long way to go in Gulabganj…right?
“Aaj toh Gulabganj main aag lagegi..aag nahi kehar.”- Rajkumar Rao

8. The fear-inducing cop…
“Maine tumhare baap se haath nahi milaya aur tumhe lag raha hai tumse mila lunga?”- Dulquer Salman

9. The funny yet honest words of Tipu!
“Kehte hai har insaan ke andar ek shaitaan hota hai..kasam paida karne wale ki uss shaitaan ko andar andar hi rehna chahiye.”- Rajkumar Rao

10. The lovesick Tipu…
“Yeh sab baad me kar le..abhi mood badal jayega.”- Rajkumar Rao

11. When Tipu is trying to maintain his ‘Paana Tipu’ image but the innocent Tipu always comes out!
“Abe petrol khatam ho gaya he..chal dhakka de…chal chal.”- Rajkumar Rao

Guns and Gulaabs dialogues are enough to spark an interest in those who still haven’t watched this Netflix series! The show has received a 7.9 IMDb rating and an 85% vote on Rotten Tomatoes- the show has got good reviews and this 7-episode long series also has chances of getting back with a second season!

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