10 Haunted Places In Delhi That Will Curdle Your Blood


Delhi, the city with a soul sure has some delightful places bathed in history, culture and tradition. Along with that Delhi also has some bloodcurdling and ghastly places that will definitely stir you up if it does not literally curdle your blood. Hidden under the belly of the city and all its hustle and bustle, these 10 spots are the haunted places in Delhi and are a must visit for both amateur and hardcore paranormal enthusiasts.

1 . Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van, 10 square kilometers of pristine forest covered land located near Vasant Kunj in South Delhi has grown to become one of the strangest urban legends in the city. A woman dressed in white is said to follow vehicles on the path that runs through the forest. The apparent spirit is claimed to have been a hitchhiker before her death and it still tries to ask for a lift, but vanishes as soon as one stops their vehicle.

Several people have also reported hearing strange cries and laughter around the mazaars and graves spread across the forest, the noises are said to have started ever since the first grave had been dug in the forest. The mazaars in Sanjay Van are said to be inhabited by Djinns, supernatural creatures that were born in early Arabian and later mentioned in both Islamic mythology and theology. People attribute the strange energy that they feel in Sanjay Van to the Djinns living there. 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons 

2. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

William Dalrymple’s novel on Delhi has been rightly titled as the ‘City of Djinns’. The city has another spot famous for the presence of Djinns and supernatural entities, Feroz Shah Kotla Fort. People often visit the ruins at Feroz Shah Kotla Fort on Thursdays to pay their respects to the djinns. They also write letters to send their messages to Laat Wale Baba through the djinns, stick coins to the walls of the mosque, offer milk, sweets, fruits and even meats to the Djinns, all with the single objective of appeasing the ‘unhappy spirits’ and getting a long-cherished wish fulfilled. The place is said to have an irksome aura and people feel the weight of this aura weighing upon them as they pray at the mosque within the ruins. The mystery of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort never ceases to amaze visitors and people flock to the ruins looking for answers to questions that science has not been able to answers.

Image Source: Ankit Kumar (Flickr)

3. Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque

Another Djinn based haunted place in Delhi is the Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque. Located at Mehrauli within the archeological village complex these two structures are adjacent to each other, a tomb and a mosque. People have claimed to have heard eerie and outlandish snarls in strange languages resonating from these two places. There is also a story which claims that an invisible hand pastes slaps across people’s faces. Once it gets dark, the place witnesses an increased level of paranormal activity, with bone chilling noises, lights and apparitions being sighted in the tomb and the mosque. There have been claims from visitors that they feel like they are being watched from afar.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

4. Bhuli Bhatiyari Mahal

Established as a hunting lodge by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the mid 14th century Bhuli Bhatiyari Mahal is a monument shrouded in mystery. The origin of the name has two different perspectives; one story claims that it was the residence of a nobleman by the name of Bu Ali Bakhtyari and Bhuli Bakhtiyari is a distortion of the name Bu Ali Bakhtiyari. Another story attributes the name to a neglected and forgotten queen who resided in the monument. The place is relatively unguarded, with a single signboard which advises visitors to refrain from entering the premises of the Mahal after sun down. There have been reports of a spirit residing in the ruins, and a mysterious white wall that appears and quickly disappears from sight. The atmosphere around the ruins of Bhuli Bhatiyari Mahal suggests impending doom and shadows that lurk within the walls of the Mahal. People say that this place is one of the scariest in the entire city.

Image Source: Gourmet Rover (YouTube)

5. House No. W-3, Greater Kailash 1

Greater Kailash’s very own haunted house, W-3 belonged to an elderly couple, who were brutally murdered and their bodies were later found in the water tank. People have claimed to have heard sobbing, nerve wrecking screams and many other baffling sounds emanating from the abandoned building. This place is the latest addition to the city’s multiple paranormal spots. Being located in one of the most posh localities of Delhi, W-3 intrigues and excites both children and adults alike.


Image Source: Nadir Hashmi (Flickr)

6. Delhi Mutiny House, Kashmere Gate

Delhi Mutiny house was built by the British to pay homage to the British soldiers who lost their lives during the revolt of 1857. There have been multiple reports of paranormal sightings around the structure. Some have even claimed to have seen severed limbs and wriggling body parts at the structure. It may sound a little exaggerated, but who knows what is possible and real?

Image Source: Nilesh Korgaokar (Flickr)

7. Khooni Darwaza

The words Khooni Darwaza literally translates to ‘bloody gate’. This structure was built by Sher Shah Suri, and since the very beginning gruesome murders and executions have taken place at the gate. The most notable ones being the murder of Dara Shikoh by Aurangzeb, and the execution of the two sons of Bahdur Shah Zafar by the British. The monument was closed for the public after the gang rape incident in 2002. People have claimed to have witnessed apparitions and hearing eerie noises rising form Khooni Darwaza. The dreadful events of the past are still said to haunt the monument.


Image Source: paras fotografia (Flickr)

8. Chor Minar

Upon your walk to Hauz Khas village, you might have noticed this structure near Aurobindo Market. Chor Minar was built in the 13th century during the reign of Alauddin Khilji and was used as an exhibition place for the severed heads of thieves. The upper part of the minaret has 225 holes that housed spikes from which the severed heads were hung. People have claimed to have seen the severed heads hanging from this monument time and again. There also have been claims of haunting screams and cries coming from the minaret. The gruesome events of the past have led to the rise of this monument’s haunting legends.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons 

9. DDA Flats Qutub Enclave Phase II

Residents of this locality claim to have seen an abnormally pale and grim corpse of a woman hanging upside down from a tree. The road on which the haunted tree sits is said to be haunted by two other spirits that follow vehicles at inhuman speeds. There have been reports that claim two apparitions chase speeding cars along the road, they glide through the air and vanish into thin air after a certain distance. This place is also one of the new entrants in the list of haunted places in Delhi.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons 

10. Nicholson’s Cemetery

This forgotten cemetery is one of the oldest in the city and one the haunted places in Delhi. It houses many British families and many people claim to have felt the presence of entities watching over them constantly. Strange noises resonating from the cemetery that chill the spine have also been reported by visitors. The place is frequented by both paranormal enthusiasts and normal thrill seekers. There is also a story of a headless ghost of a young soldier who was murdered by his lover. This ghost apparently walks around the cemetery with his severed head in his hands, especially on new moon nights.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

These are only some of the haunted places in Delhi; there are many more historical monuments, graveyards, roads and buildings that are apparently haunted in the capital city. Make sure you check out these places and do tell us what you think about this list in the comment section below. 

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