15 Most Viral Videos of This Month from India: May 2023

The internet is huge and impenetrable, just like a vast ocean where people can dive deep and return with pearls of trendy, bizarre, heart-touching, and hilarious videos. Some of these short-lived videos become viral, and people talk about them day and night on TV, vlogs, and social media. They are part and parcel of our everyday life. You can love or hate them but cannot avoid them.

So, we have compiled the absolute best viral videos of this month that shook the internet. Trust us, you’ll be itching to share these videos with your squad because they’re simply too good to keep to yourself!

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1. Virat Kohli Vs Gautam Gambhir Fight

RCB won the match and avenged its loss at Bengaluru earlier this month against LSG. However, the news that got people excited was the altercation amongst Virat Kohli, Gautam Gambhir and Naveen Ul Haq.

2. A Father Encourages His Children To Dance In Public 

An awesome video of a wholesome moment where a father encourages his kids to dance with strangers in a park, without any inhibitions. Isn’t it wholesome?


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3. TV Bahu Pours Phenyl On A Laptop 

The new and updated version of Gopi Bahu, Gophi Bahu 2.0 will detect the virus from your computer and remove it 100%. Unlike before, she will not wash your laptop with surf and water instead she will pour phenyl on your laptop to make it virus free.

4. Congress MLA Ravi Ganiga arrived at the Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru in a bullock cart

The Congress MLA had recently won the Mandla assembly seat which is considered a stronghold of JD(S). He celebrated his victory by arriving at the Vidhana Soudha in a bullock cart. And we can’t help but think about his (not so) progressive ways!

5. The PM of Papua New Guinea Touches The Feet Of PM Modi As A Mark of Respect

India is building a strategic partnership with the nation and has supported it during Corona with medicines, vaccines, and food grains. PM Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to have visited Papua New Guinea. Generally, the island nation does not host a ceremonial welcome for guests arriving after sunset, this was an exception.

6. Desi Student Refuses US Blogger’s Offer, Chooses To Pay For His Own Meals

Desi Chris, a US Blogger’s video titled, ‘Indian Student Schools Me At English’ went viral, but for a different reason altogether. The internet praised the Indian student in the video for his manners and self-respect as he did not let the blogger pay for his meal.

7. A Labrador Named Simmy, Re- Joined The Punjab Police Canine Squad After She Beat Cancer

The internet is going crazy over a seven years old Labrador called Simmy. She recently joined work after she beat cancer. She is pro at detecting intoxicating substances and has participated in many successful operations. Simmy’s story will cheer you up and inspire you too. These are the kind of stories that news should be made up of.

8. Landslide At Garbadhar On Tawaghat-Lipulekh National Highway  In Uttarakhand 

A massive landslide occurred at Garbadhar on the Tawaghat-Lipulekh National Highway in Uttarakhand on May 15th. The only good news was that there were no casualties, and the road was reopened on May 18th for the Adi Kailash Yatra.

9. Mother’s Day Special Message From A Daughter To A Mother Working As Cabin Crew In Indigo

The viral video shared by Indigo Airlines is getting all the love it truly deserves as we see a cabin crew member giving a speech about her mother who also works in the same airline. The sweet, emotional video which is full of love, will make your day.

10. Man Sitting In The Cricket Stadium Chooses To Watch Live Match On His Phone

Watching a live cricket match from a cricket stadium is pure fun. But this funny video discovers a guy who came to the cricket stadium but watched the match only on his phone.

11. Bundles Of  100 Rupees And 10 Rupees Notes Were Found Floating At A Sewer In Sasaram

Bihar’s Sasaram has made it to the sensational news yet again! People on the internet are talking about bundles of unclaimed notes floating in the sewer. In contrast, people in Sasaram are rushing there to collect the soggy notes!

12. Sneak Peak Into The Animal Kingdom

The recent video shared by IFS Susanta Nanda shows how the tiger hides behind the bush to make way for the elephant to cross the jungle. The elephant trumpets upon sensing the tiger and the tiger understands. The video has gone viral and for the right reasons.

13. A Violent Scuffle Among Rafters Broke Out In Rishikesh

A violent scuffle during the river rafting in Rishikesh has left people aghast as nobody expected such a fun activity could also be violent. As the authorities are trying to find out who’s who, the internet continues to chatter.

14. A Mumbai Dog Boards The Same Local Train Daily

A Mumbai dog boards the same local train from Borivali to Andheri daily. He sits at the door, sleeps by it, and gets down at Andheri at night. People cannot help but smile watching their cute co-passenger. His daily routine is the most wholesome Mumbai Local story we’ve seen.

15.  An Old Man Offers Sherbet to His Late Wife’s Photo 

An Instagram user, Gurpinder Sandhu, shared a video of an old man on a bicycle holding a photo of his wife. He offered sherbet to her photo before drinking it. The video has gone viral, and people are moved by the old man’s love for his wife. This heart-wrenching video is likely to bring tears to your eyes.


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We hope that these viral videos have opened your eyes towards some of the most unusual and unexpected realities of our times, which sometimes can be beautiful too.

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