People from Odisha Who Are Making It Big In Bollywood

Famous for its tribal culture and its numerous temples, Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, isn’t just home to fantastic wildlife sanctuaries and mind blowing natural panaroma.

Odisha has given to the country number of people who have not only become an integral part of the Bollywood industry but have also represented India on the international platform. We have gathered some of those names that’s gonna make you so proud!

Odisha in Bollywood - Chirantan Das Odisha in Bollywood - Krishna Beura Odisha in Bollywood - Nandita Das Odisha in Bollywood - Nihar Ranjan Sama Odisha in Bollywood - Nila Madhab Panda Odisha in BOllywood - Sona Mohapatra Odisha in Bollywood - Sukant Panigraphy

Proud, eh?

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