Miyazaki – World’s Most Expensive Mango That Sells At Over ₹2.7 lakh per Kg

June- the official mango month of the year is here and we are all indulging in delicacies like mango shakes, mango lassi, mango ice cream and so on and so forth. We have so many mango varieties in India including Alphonso, totapari, langra, and bangapalli. Mango, the king of fruits also contributes to our economy with India being the largest exporter of India. But, do you know that Japan primarily grows the worlds most expensive Mango?  It is called Miyazaki Mangoes and you would be surprised to know that they sell at almost 2.70 lakh/kg!

Origin of Miyazaki Mangoes

Amazingly, This rare variety of mangoes was first grown in the region known for the production of sweet fruits like lychees, and kumquats and is named after the city itself- Miyazaki. The region has the perfect climate – a surplus amount of sunlight, rainfall, and warm weather for the growth of Miyazaki Mangoes.

The first instance of growing this ‘Irwin’ variety of mangoes was during the years 1970-1980s in Japan. However, with the advance of time and the transport of seeds, this variety is also now grown in India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Thailand at a small scale. 

What do Miyazaki Mangoes Look Like? 

Well, this variety of fruit is cultivated in limited quantities during the peak harvest season between April and August. One perfectly ripe Miyazaki mango is oval in shape, weighs around 350 grams and has 15% more sugar content than any other mango variety. They are initially yellow and then turn slightly purple, but, as they ripen fully, their colour changes into a pretty red colour.  Because of its rich ruby colour, it is also called the ‘Egg of the Sun’ or Taiyo-no-Tamago in Japanese. 

What is the Real Price of Miyazaki mango?

The price of a Miyazaki mango depends on its quality. Only around 10% of the Miyazaki mangoes are labelled as Taiyo no Tamago. These mangoes are sold at a price that will cost you an arm and a leg!

If you are wondering what is the strict criteria for a Taiyo no Tamago mango, then here they are:

  • Perfectly dark red with no little yellow and no spots of green
  • No blemish or any other flaw
  • Weigh over 350 grams
  • 15% or more sugar content
  • Be of perfect medium size

Once the highest-grade mangoes are selected, they are then sold at extravagant prices in luxury stores and their price goes as high as 2.7 lakhs or maybe more (around $3500).

Why are Miyazaki Mangoes so Costly?

So, you must be wondering what makes them so special and expensive. They are so high priced because of their beautiful ruby-red colour, rich taste, and rarity! Apart from this, they are rich in folic acid, beta carotene, and antioxidants– making them good for your eyes and overall health. Not to forget the fact that they are also quite tricky to grow and require a lot of hard work. However, if the cultivating is done right and the weather conditions are favourable, the Miyazaki mangoes look and taste like heaven!

How Do Miyazaki Mangoes Taste Like? 

Several people who have tasted these mangoes define them as extremely juicy, creamy, and sweet with zero fibres (Of course they are so popular and expensive for a reason!)

Are Miyazaki Mangoes Grown in India?

While on the topic, it is also interesting to know that there have also been instances where the Miyazaki mangoes were grown in India– a farmer of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has a tree in his farmhouse where this variety of mangoes is grown. Apparently, his farm is said to be protected by guards and dogs to protect the mangoes!

Interestingly, the Modella Caretaker Centre & School (MCSS) in association with Conservation & Tourism (ACT) recently hosted a mango festival in Siliguri, West Bengal where the Miyazaki variety of mangoes was displayed. The festival started on 9 June at a mall in Matigara, Siliguri. 

These Mangoes were also displayed recently at a Mango festival in Raipur, Chattisgarh

So, now you know why Miyazaki Mangoes are the world’s most expensive mango that sells at ₹2.70 lakhs per Kg. If you ever get to witness, or even better– get to taste them, don’t forget to tell us!

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