20 Quotes By Cristiano Ronaldo That Will Motivate You


A footballer that is truly an artist on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most intelligent players to take the ball. Driven by the forces to grow and learn, he competes with himself to be one of the greatest footballers to exist. A natural talent that was amplified by his persistent hard work and resilience gives birth to a story that can motivate millions across the globe. Ronaldo carries an aggression that displays his sheer passion for the game, a human that everyone can genuinely aim to follow and be motivated by. A man whose striking quality is his tactics and approach to not just the game, but to a broader perspective of life as well, he remains a fan’s favourite. We bring to you 20 quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo that will motivate you to achieve your aspirations.

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1. The zeal for the sport blends into purpose. 

2. It’s essential to recognize and bear one’s foible.

3. Taking hostility with pride. 

4. A determination to succeed, making victory the goal. 

5. Criticism should always drive you forward. 

6. A game of artistry. 

7. Aim at progress and success will be inevitable. 

8. When dreams bleed through reality, miracles are born. 

9. Believe in yourself and hard work will be your companion. 

10. Virtuosity without commitment is meaningless.


11. Conquering dreams require the same vigor in which it was declared. 

12. Triumph is sweeter when it is a team effort. 

13. Learning is an everlasting performance but having a kid is a blessing. 

14. Gratifying your aspirations is greater than engrossing in others’ opinions. 

15. Take advantage of the momentary existence. 

16. Parading is fruitless. 

17. People will reproach regardless of what you do.

18. A physical and mental void created, grieving is a difficult journey. 

19. Leisure equips one with greater resilience.

20. Collective efforts bring a brighter world.

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