20 Quotes By Lionel Messi That Will Leave You Inspired

An inspiration that goes beyond the boundaries of age, Lionel Messi’s story provides hope to the hearts of those with goals. A grounded individual who uses his hard earned privilege to make life a little easier for many, especially children. With a constant drive to grow in his field to go down in history to be one of the greatest football players of all time. Messi’s message is a lesson for the present and generations to come. A strong standard and example set to remain humble even at the top and to always have an arm outstretched for those that surround you. Here are 20 quotes by Lionel Messi that will leave you inspired.


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1. It takes sweat to achieve the vision you aim for yourself. 

2. The root of triumph lies in a palm outstretched. 

3. To fall in love with your job equals excellence in the work produced.  

4. Belief and perseverance vanquish all hurdles. 

5. Passion pushes you upward, money is just an incentive. 

6. Let hard work be your prerogative, success is for all.

7. What looks ordinary on the outside may be leather bound on the inside. 

8. Dwelving into what you have almost mastered, is central to success. 

9. Behind every hero, lies a packed stadium.

10. Happiness is a trend that never turns into mere history. 

11. Walk your own path and create history. 

12. Humble beginnings, a reminder to stay grounded. 

13. To be humane is greater than any materialistic achievement. 

14. To lend a hand is mere human. 

15. The journey of obstacles map your character. 

16. Born with talent, persistent growth is your innate behaviour. 

17. Growth should be the only constant. 

18. Sacrifice is constant but choice of sacrifice decides your destiny.

19. Intuitions steer individuals towards the right track.  

20. The journey of wins and losses is a mere fish in the sea.

21. Collective win is more ecstatic than a lone win. 

Did you enjoy scrolling through our compilation of quotes by Lionel Messi? Which one impacted the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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