Unlocking the Power of Music in YouTube Videos. Its Impact on Viewer Engagement & Retention

When thinking about two of the most popular things around the world, watching videos on YouTube and listening to music will naturally appear at the top of most people’s lists.

Figures from studies conducted in the past have suggested that the video platforming site has over 2.6 billion monthly active users from over 100 countries, making it one of the world’s most visited websites.

Music is a popular medium that can strongly impact our emotions in various ways. Each song and melody has its unique way of affecting us, and some people link particular audio with specific memories or experiences.

As a result, both of these have been used expertly together by content creators. Unsurprisingly, its unique power and ability mean it has become a key ingredient for filmmakers and video content creators on platforms like YouTube. It has the power to create engagement and keep viewers coming back for more. But, why is this the case?

The Importance of Music Selection

Understanding that music can have a key hold over people and their emotions, it has become incredibly important that YouTubers use it correctly to ensure they are able to get viewers to remain engaged for as long as possible and continue to return to their channel and watch the newest updates.

Choosing the right song or audio track is vitally important as it helps to set the overall tone of the video produced. By getting this right, users are able to emotionally connect with what they are watching, which is more likely to make them want to remain invested in what they are watching.

Obtaining the right music has never been simpler for creators, either. It is now possible to get royalty free music from platforms easily, which can help have the desired impact. This is because it offers content creators a vast library of pre-made tracks to choose from that fit a variety of moods and genres that can be used freely as and how they are wanted.

Music can Trigger Emotion

It has been scientifically proven that certain musical genres can do certain things for a person’s emotions. For instance, upbeat music can add excitement to a fast-paced video, whereas it is possible to utilize classical music or a soft tune with a video that wants to tug at the heartstrings of the viewer.

A variety of industries already look to exploit the emotions of human beings, and the music sector has always been ahead in that regard. Connections that contain an emotional aspect are harder to ignore for people, as many will be intrigued by what happens next, or they will feel that they can relate to what is being shown, hence captivating their interest and keeping them hooked.

If a YouTube creator is able to create this hook, then they would have a high chance of converting a new viewer into a subscriber and retaining them for longer. This is why music has become an incredibly important factor when it comes to creating content and wanting people to remain engaged with what they are showing.

Music has the Power to Increase Engagement

The power of music goes beyond just creating emotional connections with the audience. It can also be used to help increase watch time, which is one of the greatest aspects that any YouTube content creator wants since it helps them gain more views, likes, and subscribers in the long run.

Studies have shown that when a video has an audio track that works well with it, viewers are more likely to watch the entire video or one that is very near to its length. This can be a great advantage for YouTubers since it increases the chances of them being able to convert someone into a follower and have their content become viral.

The Power of Music is Remarkable

The importance of music in content creation is clear, as it offers many options and potential uses. For YouTube creators, a captivating soundtrack can improve their videos, making them more unique and attractive to audiences.

It is possible to establish an emotional connection with users by using the appropriate music in engaging content, which can lead to their continued return.

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