5 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Must Know

Being the second largest search engine and the top video streaming platform, YouTube is a greatly rewarding social platform for content creators, precisely because of its large viewership. For digital content creators in any niche, YouTube is nothing less than a gold mine of opportunities. 

With its massive viewership, creators can reach millions of viewers and get popular on YouTube if they have valuable content to deliver. Getting a wider reach on YouTube and retaining a solid viewership however, can be daunting, especially for new creators. This is where you can make use of exclusive, yet lesser-known YouTube features. With these features, you can reach more viewers, attract more YouTube subscribers and optimize the quality of your YouTube videos for better engagement.

Want to get your content noticed and get your channel to rank higher in search engines? Then, check out the following YouTube features that will take you from being a newbie to a pro YouTuber.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is an exclusive feature designed especially for content creators on YouTube. Using this feature, YouTubers get access to a range of tools to optimize and analyze their YouTube video content. With YouTube Studio, creators get access to their personalized Channel Dashboard, Channel Analytics and customization options. Using these tools, you can study audience demographics and behavior to better know your audience, and identify the gaps in your YouTube strategy. 

With this actionable data to back you up, you optimize your content strategy to fill in those gaps. Further, it comes with a massive Audio Library, Video Editor,  Channel Customization options and Comments moderation. It also allows you to upload batch videos and schedule them for later. Quite literally, YouTube Studio is an all-in-one studio for YouTube optimization that every digital content creator must know for getting wider reach on YouTube.

YouTube Cards and End Screens

YouTube Cards are clickable areas that appear in a video when a viewer is already watching it. This feature was earlier called ‘Annotations’ and allowed YouTubers to add in-video links. With YouTube Cards, you can do precisely this. Be it directing a viewer to your YouTube channel homepage, another video, or even to your website or any landing page that you want. This can boost traffic on your website and because of inter-linking, can also help in improving SEO rankings. 

End Screens on YouTube are similarly, another powerful tool that is proven to increase watch time on videos. Like its name suggests, end screens appear at the end of a video to direct your viewer to another or the next video on your channel. Also, since the user has already reached the end of one of your videos, it indicates that they probably are interested in your content. End screens allow you to offer such viewers more out of your content feed.

YouTube Video Transcripts

This is one of the most important YouTube features which is especially crucial for content creators to make their content more discoverable. With YouTube, you can automatically generate transcripts for the content in your videos. This video transcript is visible to all the viewers who watch a video. 

However, since it is automated, there might be errors in accuracy, but you can edit it to clean those up. YouTube video transcripts are important from the SEO point of view. That is because the YouTube algorithm considers the text of the video transcription to suggest your video when a user searches for similar content. In effect, your video is at a greater chance of reaching the audience interested in your content. Hence, they will show more conversion rates in becoming your subscribers and therefore, get you a wider reach on YouTube.

Featured Videos or Playlists –

Are you a serious content creator who really wants to get popular on YouTube? Then, this is a feature that promises to render your content watch-worthy and attract new viewers to become your subscribers. With this feature, you can add a featured video on your YouTube channel homepage. 

This video is like an introductory sneak-peek into what kind of content you create. The featured YouTube video is specifically meant to convince your viewers to become subscribers of your YouTube channel. With this exclusive feature, you can continue to deliver content as per your YouTube strategy to your existing community of subscribers. Meanwhile, the featured video will serve as an introductory tool to persuade new viewers to become regulars on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Collaborations

Collaborations are a tested hack to attract new viewers, and expand your influence organically on every social network. YouTube goes a step further by providing you with an integrated Collaborations feature right in the YouTube app. This feature allows other creators to collaborate on your playlists by posting videos on your YouTube channel. Using this feature, content creators can get the benefit of shared effort. 

When you invite other creators to collaborate on your playlist, you are also inviting their subscribers to watch your content. Now, if your collaboration is meaningful and adds value to the audience, it can help you forge connections and broaden your audience. It is just like partnering with influencers on other social networks. Except that YouTube gives you a hands-on feature for doing so.


If you are a content creator looking to embark on your YouTube journey, then these hidden features are what you need to get popular on YouTube. With these features, you can not only get a wider reach on YouTube, but also attract more viewers on your videos. Not only this, using the right feature in the right place can also be beneficial for your business. 

So, be it customization or optimizing your videos for SEO, be it design or unique hidden tactics. If you are a YouTuber, these features are a must know to market your content effectively. Now, wait no further and get started on optimizing your YouTube content and receive all favors of the YouTube algorithm. 



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