UP Man Duped of Rs 9 Lakhs Trying to Buy a ‘Magic Mirror’ That Made People Appear Nude


In a world of bizarre news, Bhubaneswar police arrested three men for duping a 72-year-old man by selling him an apparent ‘magic mirror’ that made people appear nude. They alleged that the mirror cost 2 crore Rupees and the man paid them 9 lakhs in advance. The victim was from Kanpur and these men were from different parts of West Bengal and they met through a common-known person.

The three accused were identified as Partha Singhray (46) of Santragachi, Molaya Sarkar (32) from North 24 Parganas, and Sudipta Sinha Roy(38) from Kolkata.

The three of them posed as employees of a Singaporean Company. The accused falsely duped the complainant by saying him that their company in Singapore deals with antique pieces and the ‘magic mirror’ was one of them. They offered to sell this apparent ‘magic mirror’ to Avinash Shukla at 2 crores. To win his trust and confidence, they even made Shukla talk to some men who posed as the alleged buyers of that special ‘magic mirror’ from the Singaporean Company because a foreign company tag is a hallmark certification!


After Shukla had already paid 9 lakhs in advance to the accused, he was asked to come to Bhubaneswar for a meeting. They met near Jayadev Vihar at a hotel. During this meeting, Shukla demanded a refund as he realised that they were fraudsters. He, of course, thought they were actually selling this type of mirror before giving them 9 lakhs! Rich people, I tell you!!

Apparently this ‘magic mirror’ was multi-functional. Apart from the inappropriate USP of the mirror, it is also used by NASA. Yes, NASA scientists use this mirror for ‘alien-watching’. This mirror also works like a ‘peel-off-camera’. We can explain this. If you stand in front of the mirror, you appear naked, if you are closer, you can see the skeletons and if you stand really close, your reflection would disappear. And the most interesting part is, this Kanpur man believed this!

The police obviously caught hold of these people and seized a car, some money and contracts of ‘magic mirror’.

We do not know who to blame- the people who made this ridiculous story or the person who actually believed them! Let us know your views in the comment section!

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