This rare Himalayan fungus is sold for Rs. 50 lakh a kg!


Known for its magical medicinal benefits, Yarsagumba, (Ophiocoedyceps Sinesis) is a type of fungus endemic to the Himalayan region. It is also called Yart Swa Gun Bu, which in Tibetan means ‘herb in the summer and insect in the winter’. In Nepali it is referred to by the colloquial term Yachagumbu or Yaxagumbu while the Chinese call it Dong cong xia cao. But this rare fungus is sadly on the verge of extinction due to the alarming increase in smuggling and over grazing of cattle and yaks. This in turn has led to the price of this scarce fungus to skyrocket, fetching up to Rs. 50 lakh per kg! Read on to find out more about this pricey fungus.

  Is it an insect? Is it grass? Oh! Look its Yarsagumba!
This rare Himalayan fungus-the fungus is knownfor its abilities to treat diseases related to lungs,kidney,cancervand erectile dysfunction

  Four hundred species of fungus, all rolled into oneThis rare Himalayan fungus-Cordyceps is the scientific name given to this fungus,which is believed to have about 400 species

 It’s life cycle is rather complicated
This rare Himalayan fungus-Yarsagumba germinates in the larva and roots itself to the ground,thereby killing it resulting in mummyfication

   Pretty rare to find
This rare Himalayan fungus-The fungus is foundin Chamoli,pithorgarh and uttarkashi. Munsyari area of Pithorgarh alone produces around 2.5 quintal in a year.

  The penicillin of Tibetan and Chinese medicine
This rare Himalayan fungus-This highly valued medical mushroom is a prized commodity for the practioners of tibetan medicine, chiniese medicine and traditional folk medicines

   Facing extinction, it is illegal to harvest
This rare Himalayan fungus -It is illegal in India to cultivate or collect the fungus but neverthless the villagers take the risk to earn the large amount of money it offers

   The wonder bug with a mythological connect 
This rare Himalayan fungus -it is believed that this fungus is the famous sanjeevani booti that appears in the hindu epic Ramayana

  Known by many names, found in relative abundance in the Devbhoomi
This rare Himalayan fungus -Yarsa Gambu or keeda jadi or as known in the international market, Himalyan viagra is most commonly found in the greater himalyas of uttarakhand

   Sold for Rs 50-freaking-lakh per kilogram!
This rare Himalayan fungus -It is sold for more than Rs50 lakh/kg in the market, though the cost varies in south asia

   It is one of the biggest natural mysteries of the Great Himalayas
This rare Himalayan fungus -The fungus primarily grows in the higher reaches of tibet,Nepal,northest India and pithorgarh chamoli and bageshwar in uttarakhand

Just like everything that’s in high demand, this wondrous plant-slash-bug will soon go extinct and little is being done to prevent it. Nepal has long been fighting the ill-effects of over harvest. This is a medicinal wonder and a biological marvel, and therefore, needs to be preserved.

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