11 Best Diaogues From Dangal – The Bollywood Blockbuster

Aamir ‘the perfectionist’ Khan’s Dangal became a bollywood blockbuster within weeks of it’s release, it was a very well-deserved win owing to the hard work put in by the child actors and Aamir himself. It revolves around the life of Mahavir Phogat, an Indian Wrestler who jumps over societal pressures and makes all of his four daughter great wrestlers who’d fight on to win gold for their country. As inspiring this movie is, it also shows the corruption that plagues and follows the life of our Athletes.

Let us remind you of this movie in a much better way by taking you through some of the best dangal dialogues

1. Father goals = Mahavir Singh Phogat.

2. Recipe for achievement 

3. Feminist AF!

4. Parenting done right.

5. All it takes is that one moment, THAT one second.

6. Are you a rhino? no! you’re a lion, be a lion!

7. Get on board the inspiration train!

8. This movie gave us lines fitting our lives..

9. It also focused on the corruption present within the sports agencies in India.

10. Remember how Zaira Wasim made this scene so powerful… *tears*

11. Dialogues with a dash of witty humour, that makes you smirk, was most of what made dangal a must-watch.

Are you going to watch this marvel again? because we sure are!

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