14 Bollywood Stars Who Show ‘Impossible Is Nothing’


“It’s never about where you come from, it’s always about where you want to be.”

Life is not always easy but it gets a little better if you believe in yourself. For those who dream, sky is the limit. Bollywood stars have time and again proved that your miseries and shortcomings mean nothing if you can dream big with undeterred determination. Here are a few Rags to Riches stories of Bollywood Stars who show ‘Impossible Is Nothing’.

1.  How to win at life Irrfan style.

2. Look at all these chai and omelette walas making it big and us proud!

3. Dancing his way out to success.

4. Boman haar-ni-manni!

5. Not award but awardSSSS…

6. An arrow will be pulled back more to be shot far enough.

7. There is always a way to light from darkness, depends on what you choose.


8. Rejection did not pull Manoj Bajpayee down!

9. Started from the bottom now he’s here!

10. Earning the title of ‘evergreen legend’ like a boss.

11. Humour is the best defence for struggle.

12. Big B and his baritone faced rejection?!?!

13. Respect, Respect aur Respect!

14. Don’t give up, ever!

As we said… ‘Sky is the limit’

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