20 Best Hindi Lofi Songs That Are Perfect for Relaxing and Unwinding

Lofi music has taken over the world by storm, and if you’re looking some of the best hindi lofi songs then you’re at the right place.


Whether you want to relax or chill, Lofi flips provide you with the best experience. The relaxing effect and the perfect tempo carry the power to keep the listeners engaged without making them feel sleepy. If you’re a student wanting to study, lofi songs can even help your brain concentrate and relax. If you’re facing trouble falling asleep, lofi songs might work as the perfect lullaby. Scroll Droll brings to you some of the most phenomenal Hindi Lofi Songs that will give you a surreal experience.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our list of 20 Best Hindi Lofi Songs asap!

1. Saibo (lofi flip)

When it comes to the best lofi song, Saibo takes the crown. Plug in your earphones and listen to this melodious song for an ethereal experience.

2. Raanjha (lofi flip)

Ever since the beautiful videos of Sidharth Malhotra’s and Kiara Advani’s wedding video surfaced on the internet, this song has become a go-to.

3. Iktara (lofi flip)

If you like the normal version of this soulful song, you’ll fall in love with its lofi version.

4. Jashn E Bahara (lofi flip)

One of the most heartwarming songs of all time, Jashn-E-Bahra lofi flip will work as a treat to your ears. It is one of the most popular Hindi Lofi songs of all time.

5. Shayad (lofi flip)

Whether you’re doing homework or trying to fall asleep at night, this song is the one you can vibe to at any time.

6. Raanjhanaa (lofi flip)

This song has been everyone’s favourite for years, and we’re sure you won’t be able to get enough of the lo-fi version of this song.

7. Tum Mile (lofi flip)

A lo-fi version of this beautiful track? Sounds like the perfect deal, doesn’t it?

8. Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si (lofi flip)

Mohit Chauhan’s melodious vocals and the music of Pritam is what make this song a masterpiece! Listen to this gorgeous track as soon as possible.

9. Zara Sa (lofi flip)

Zara Sa is a masterpiece that holds the power they bring peace and joy to your heart.

10. Soniye (lofi flip)

KK’s and Sunidhi Chauhan’s voices when combined so together sound ever so heavenly. 


11. Channa Mereya (lofi flip)

If you love this song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil then chances are that you will not be able to refrain from binging to this song.

12. Dil Ibaadat (lofi flip)

Get ready to get mesmerised by this amazing song, get your earphones and enjoy the melodious beats of this track in the lofi version.

13. Saiyaan (lofi flip)

If you haven’t heard the lofi version of Saiyaan, you’re missing out on one of the best experiences.

14. Sajda (lofi flip)

Click the link below if you want to relax to this gorgeous version of the phenomenal song Sajda.

15. Mitwa (lofi flip)

Isn’t this song marvellous? Well, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree once you click the play button!

16. Teri Jhuki Nazar (lofi flip)

Fall in love with this song as soon as the melodious music hits your ears!

17. Tum Tak (lofi flip)

No matter how many times you listen to this song, it never gets old! We’re pretty sure you’ll love this version of Tum Tak as well.

18. Tumhi Dekho Na (lofi flip)

Close your eyes and find peace while listening to Alka Yagnik’s angelic voice, now in lofi flip.

19. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (lofi flip)

The title track of the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil with the lofi beats sounds ever so phenomenal and mesmerising.

20. Muskurane (lofi flip)

Be ready to get awestruck while listening to the lofi version of Muskurane.

Each song present in this list is magical as ever and will send you to another dimension. From the likings of Shreya Ghoshal to Arijit Singh, we have something for everyone. You should not waste any further time, get your earphones and enjoy these ever-so-sensational hits! These Indian lofi songs are definitely a treat.

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