7 Myths About Weed You Should Stop Believing

Before we begin, we must clarify that we do not condone or promote drug usage in any form. That being said, weed is probably the least harmful drug one can use. With countries around the world legalising cannabis, it’s about time the stigma around grass vanishes up in smoke. Yes, not every weed smoker is a stoner and does not go on to commit heinous crimes. Also, not every “fact” you’ve heard about the king kush is true. As a matter of fact, most commonly held beliefs around marijuana are unsubstantiated. Here are 7 common myths about weed that you should stop believing in right away!

1) Marijuana is a gateway drug

It is often believed that once you start doing weed, you end up in an endless loop of drugs and alcohol abuse. While there is a correlation between use of marijuana and other drugs, scientifically it hasn’t been proven that weed makes one vulnerable towards using other drugs.

2) Weed is addictive

While many weed smokers tend to smoke it regularly and make it into a habit, it is technically not possible to be addicted to it. Science has proven that weed doesn’t get you hooked on it like “harder” drugs– we are talking the likes of cocaine and meth. At best, you might enjoy it like you enjoy your morning cup of tea. You like it, but your functioning isn’t impaired without it.

3) You can get high by eating weed off the plant

Not really. In countries like Burma, weed grows in plenty in the wild and animals feed on it without getting high (of course). Marijuana has to be heated and combined with a fatty substance and then consumed orally for any effect. Eating the plant will just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

4) Smoking pot is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes

On the contrary, smoking pot is far less harmful. First of all, there are less of dangerous chemicals involved. But more importantly, unlike a chain smoker who is likely to smoke a pack or more in a day, a pot smoker will smoke a lot less. That said, it is dangerous nonetheless.

5) Marijuana will make you lose your memories

Short-term memories, yes. But surprisingly, it's been scientifically proven that weed doesn’t affect your existing memories, nor does it cause long-term memory loss or memory-related diseases like dementia.

6) You can overdose of weed

While on other hard drugs you can, it isn’t possible to OD on marijuana. You would have to take almost 40,000 times the regular dose of weed all at once in order to theoretically die of a marijuana overdose.

7) Marijuana can give you man boobs

This one is probably the biggest weed-related myth. We don’t know how this one came about and why it caught on but no, weed smoking does not cause or lead to gynecomastia!

There you have it. Seven of the biggest marijuana-related myths debunked. Now you can smoke on that reefer peacefully!

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