A Guide to Smartphone Gaming

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As technology advances, there is more and more that is available to do and use on the average smartphone or cell phone, and this includes gaming. Whether you are leaving your gaming until you get home from work or whether you like to dip in on your lunch breaks away from your stressful job, gaming can bring relief and escapism as well as a lot of enjoyment to those that wish to take part.

There are many different styles of games available online to those that either wish to take up gaming as a hobby or are already enjoying their relaxation time and like to have a variation on offer to them.

These are some of the different genres on offer.

‘Match three’ games

There are a vast number of match-three games available to be played. Some have a storyline that you will follow throughout the games, generally of the main character, and by matching three or four squares (or more), you will enable them to complete tasks. An example of this type of game would be  HomeScapes, where completing each level allows the main character to improve his run-down home. However, there are others that just want to match four or more squares without a storyline, such as Candy Crush, which probably needs no explanation.

These games are ideal for when you have not got much time to play but need to have a bit of escapism. They do not require much in the way of brainpower, nor are any of the storylines that they may have overly complicated.

Casino games 

There are many different gaming sites offering casino-style games. These, too, tend to be quick games though, in some circumstances, they may need a little more attention or brainpower than the ‘match three’ kinds of games.

The casino-style games like the ones over here can be played online from either a tablet, computer, laptop, or cell phone, but depending on where you are located. There are different casino games that will suit your mood, whatever it is you feel like playing. 

Worldbuilding simulation

With this style of the game growing, there seems to be a multitude of variations available to play online, from Sim City to Township to World of Civilisation. Depending on what type of thing you are into will depend on which of these types of games will appeal more. 

You have the Sim City styles where you are basically building your city, buying land (with the game’s own currency), and putting buildings on it to satisfy and build a population. You may find in these games that there are other islands to purchase also with the game’s currency when you run out of room on your initial island.

Township-styled games work on similar principles. You have your land, which you build on with game currency money, build your farm, factories, and houses. Fill orders and keep your population happy. However, when you have filled your land, the only way to grow your land more is to start knocking properties down and replacing them.

Then you have the World of Civilisation-styled games where you are again building your own land and people, but you have opponents that you can go to war with to gain more land. You may find that the technology for these types of games is you can choose to play against the game or play against other people from the real world.


There are plenty of mobile friendly RPG games available on the market to be downloaded onto whatever device you happen to have. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game. This is where you play as the main character, such as in games like Final Fantasy, Skyrim, and Diablo, or as characters from TV or film franchises in crossover games.

These are great games to get yourself lost in and be able to explore your new surroundings. Obviously, there is also some sort of storyline running through the gameplay, but generally, there are other side tasks to be completed too. Some games have a more complex story that interweaves with others, whereas others can be quite linear.

With most of the RPG games, you are able to grow your main character in strength, charisma, as well as experience, weaponry, and armor. You may find that with some of the games, you can restart the game with your well-established character so that they can learn and grow even more rather than having to start again from scratch.

Final thoughts

With so many different types of games available, finding something that is for you can be easier than you think. Going to the correct places to download them, like Google Play or the App Store, will get you most of the way. However, you may find that you need to go to other sites should you want something a little more niche.

Gaming can be a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work, regardless of what type of gaming you are interested in.

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