14 Adorable Facts About Animals That Will Melt Your Heart

Animals. Often thought to be nothing like humans. Except for the pets we have, we never realise the umpteen number of emotions an animal can hold. From times immemorial, people have expressed their profound love for animals irrespective of the species. But animals are so much more than paws and tails. We have some of the most adorable facts about animals that’ll not only fascinate you but will leave you with more love for the animal kingdom.

facts about animals- when puppies play fight,boy puppies will often let girl puppies win

And you thought only you could flirt? 

facts about animals- squirrels adopt other squirrels babies if they are abandoned

Babies are always welcomed. 

facts about animals- cows have best friend just like humans

Wonder where they hang around!

facts about animals- dolphins give each other unique names

Finding Nemo wasn’t all fiction! 

facts about animals-squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year simply by forgetting where they put their acrons

At least someone’s bothered about the environment! 

facts about animals- turtles can breath through their butts

Ummm… Well. 

facts about animals-in china killing a panda is punishable by death


Lots of Poop! 

facts about animals-pigs orgasm last for 30 minutes

Too much fun! 

facts about animals- butterflies taste with their feet

Thank god we don’t. 

facts about animals- dogs sneeze to tell other dogs that they are playing and not fighting

You always want to be on a safe side with canines! 

facts about animals-chimp babies are basically like human baby girls they make dolls with stick and rocks and play with them

Theory of evolution put in a different way. 

facts about animals-a study revealed that cows produce more milk when listening to slow and soothing music

Music makes everybody do better. 

facts about animals-if a cat gives you a head-but,it trusts you completely

Just wait for it! 

facts about animals- goats have different accents in their speech

Hope they don’t have to fake it! 


Aren’t these the most amazing things you’ve read about animals? Share with us your digging about your favourite animal, that’s so human we didn’t know. (Or vice-versa!)

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