Awesome Instagram Tools To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

While Instagram allows controlling and managing more accounts through the app, the truth is the lack of features makes the job a bit difficult. These tools allow users to quickly streamline their workflow, automate tasks and easily manage multiple accounts in order to ensure their success on the platform. 

With the right tools, businesses can create an effective marketing strategy that will help them reach more audiences and maximize their growth potential. Investing in these tools is sure to give businesses a competitive edge.

Here are some of the best tools to manage multiple accounts in a more efficient manner.


Aimed at more social networks and not just Instagram, HopperHQ is ideal to visually plan everything. You can plan posts, reels, or stories. Simply take half an hour to an hour once a week and plan the whole week or even more.

You can repost from other networks on Instagram with no watermarks, post to more networks at once and schedule everything on a computer, laptop, or mobile device. The interface is straightforward and intuitive, so it’s excellent for both newbies and experienced users.


IGStoryDownload is ideal if you love sharing stuff you find interesting or viral things. While there are more similar downloaders out there, this one does it anonymously. You don’t need to see a story and copy the link. Just put in the account name, and it will work its magic within seconds only.

You can download reels, stories, and posts. Other than that, there are no watermarks, and the program is completely free. You don’t have to download anything, as everything’s done through its official website. How convenient is that?


Similar to HopperHQ but for a higher price, Hootsuite allows managing more Instagram accounts from any device. Scheduling posts is by far the most useful feature, as you can do it for weeks or months in advance, without having to worry about anything else later on.

You can also manage accounts on multiple social networks, such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook, among others. It’s convenient and easy to use due to the intuitive interface, but it also comes with a free trial.


Buffer also brings all your social media into one place. The best part about it is you can also see their performance at a glance, so you’ll know which one to focus on. The program also tells you when to post based on your niche and likeliness to get more interaction.

Posting is automated and based on these times. The management dashboard provides access to private messages over social media too. In other words, you won’t have to login everywhere to check your messages but do it through the dashboard, quite convenient.


Later has a self-explanatory name. Plan now, post later, simple as that. It’s a well-built Instagram marketing platform. You can join more accounts into one and keep everything organized. You can use Later for free for a single account. The business plan allows using more accounts at once.

Accounts can be organized in groups, making it much simpler to keep track of analytics and assets, not to mention the scheduling part. The tool is more appropriate for the marketing team, as it allows sharing content and responsibilities.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social lets you manage all your accounts through a simple interface, rather than having to switch between them on Instagram. To use the tool for planning and scheduling, you’ll need an Instagram business account.

The Smart Inbox solution is its most recognizable feature because it allows managing accounts along with a team. You can assign projects, create plans, send notifications, and so on. It’s got great functionality and feels useful for teams and companies.


SocialPilot does what other apps do, but it simplifies everything and doesn’t include data that most people don’t need. It’s ideal for small social marketing teams that need to curate, organize and automate posting for multiple networks, including Instagram.

SocialPilot is quick and straight to the point, so it’s excellent for teams without too much time on their hands. You can set groups, organize platforms, create posts and schedule them and even pay for ads. All your social media platforms will generate a single inbox for everything.


A powerful Instagram strategy is Preview primary goal. After all, most people learn visually through photos and videos.

The program allows you to preview the feed before you post. For instance, you can schedule more posts by uploading more pictures or videos at once, then rearrange them to ensure your grid stands out.

The program is mostly aimed at those who pay attention to every single thing, including what their profile looks like.


Just like any other similar program, OneUp allows managing more social media profiles, handling multiple Instagram accounts, and scheduling posts. If you’re not happy with one tool or another, simply give it a try. It’s all about finding the interface and small features to ease your work.

You can schedule posts months in advance, tag users, and even schedule stories. Furthermore, you can connect to other social networks too, from Pinterest and LinkedIn to Twitter and Facebook. It’s a good tool for influencers and professional teams.

Sked Social

With Sked Social, managing multiple Instagram accounts can be simple and straightforward. It provides the ideal set of tools for creating engaging content that will catch your audience’s attention and remain top-of-mind. 

Plan out posts with its integrated social media calendar to ensure maximum visibility at optimum times and sit back as it automatically schedules them without any need for manual publishing efforts. This tool is perfect for freelancers, businesses, eCommerce companies & more who are looking to streamline their Insta management strategies.

Final words

These tools offer businesses a comprehensive suite of features to help them manage multiple Instagram accounts and create an effective marketing strategy. With options like scheduling posts, organizing accounts into groups, automating tasks, and viewing analytics, these tools provide all the necessary features to stay ahead of the competition. 

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